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Zdravko Marjanovic

Name: Dr. Zdravko Marjanovic
Phone: 250-828-5316

Research Interests

Perceived financial threat and psychological health

Identifying random responders in self-report inventory data

Situational and trait predictors of prosocial behavior


Postdoctoral Fellow, Queen's University (2011-2012)
PhD, York University (2006-2011)
MA, York University (2004-2006)
BA, Concordia University College of Alberta (1999-2003)


Fiksenbaum, Marjanovic, & Greenglass, & Garcia-Santos. (revise and resubmit). Impact of economic hardship and financial threat on suicide ideation and confusion. Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied.

Struthers, Guilfoyle, Khoury, Phills, van Monsjou, Young, & Marjanovic. (in press). Effects of victims' post-transgression responses on transgressors' apologies: What victims say and how they say it matters. In K. Norlock's (Ed.) Moral emotions.

Fiksenbaum, Marjanovic, & Greenglass (in press). Perceived job insecurity, employability, and well-being. In M. Antelo & D. Peon (Eds.), The Great Recession: Analysis, impacts and outcomes. Ortner, C. N. M., Briner, E., & Marjanovic, Z. (in press).

Believing is doing: Emotion regulation beliefs predict emotion regulation choices and subsequent subjective well-being. Europe???s Journal of Psychology.
Marjanovic, Greenglass, Fiksenbaum, De Witte, Garcia-Santos, Buchwald, Peiro, & Manas. (2015). Further psychometric evaluation of the Financial Threat Scale (FTS) in four European, non-student samples. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics.

Marjanovic, Holden, Struthers, Cribbie, & Greenglass (2015). The Inter-Item Standard Deviation (ISD): An index that discriminates between conscientious and random responders. Personality and Individual Differences.

Marjanovic, Struthers, Cribbie, & Greenglass (2014). The Conscientious Responders Scale: A new tool for discriminating between conscientious and random responders. SAGEOpen.

Struthers, Santelli, Khoury, Pang, Young, Marjanovic, Phills, Nash, & Vasquez. (2014). The role of victim embarrassment in explaining why apologies affect reported (but not actual) forgiveness. Journal of Language and Social Psychology.

Marjanovic, Greenglass, Fiksenbaum, & Bell. (2013). Psychometric evaluation of the Financial Threat Scale (FTS) in the context of the great recession. Journal of Economic Psychology.

Marjanovic, Struthers, & Greenglass. (2012). Big-picture issues: Research on helping behavior and victims of natural disasters. Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy.

Khoury, Struthers, Santelli, & Marjanovic. (2012). The moderating role of authoritarianism and group membership on the repentance forgiveness process. Social Influence.

Holden, & Marjanovic (2012). A putatively general factor of personality (GFP) is not general: A demonstration with the NEO PI-R. Personality and Individual Differences.

Holden, Wheeler, & Marjanovic. (2012). When does random responding distort self-report personality assessment? An example with the NEO PI-R.

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Marjanovic, Struthers, & Greenglass. (2011). Who helps natural-disaster victims? Trait and situational predictors. Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy.

Marjanovic, Greenglass, Struthers, & Faye. (2009). Helping following natural disasters: A social-motivational analysis. Journal of Applied Social Psychology.

Marjanovic, Greenglass, & Coffey. (2007). The relevance of psychosocial variables and working conditions in predicting nurses coping strategies during the SARS crisis: An online questionnaire survey. International Journal of Nursing Studies.

Fiksenbaum, Marjanovic, Greenglass, & Coffey. (2006). Emotional exhaustion and state anger in nurses who worked during the SARS outbreak: The role of perceived threat and organizational support. Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health.

Reddon, Hoang, Seghal, & Marjanovic. (2004). Snoezelen has immediate physiological and psychological positive treatment effects on adult psychiatric patients and community controls. Current Psychology.

Employment History

Lecturer (2013-Present)
Department of Psychology
Thompson Rivers University

Visiting Assistant Professor (2012-2013)
Department of Psychology
Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Courses Taught

Advanced Social Psychology
Advanced Personality Psychology
Health Psychology
Psychological Testing
Introduction to Psychology

Professional Affiliations

Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP)

International Association for Research in Economic Psychology (IAREP)


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