Thompson Rivers University

Tom Waldichuk

Name: Tom Waldichuk
Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: 250-371-5718

Research Interests

Rural-urban fringe
field trips


Book review:
Waldichuk, T. 2010. Tabayashi, Akira, Kkikuchi, Toshio, Matsui, Keisuke, eds.: Nihon nougyou no iji shisutemu (The sustainability of Japanese agricultural systems) . Geographical Review of Japan, Series B, 82(2), 209-210.

Waldichuk, T. (2009). The satisfaction with leisure activities, facilities, and services of retirement-aged people living in a rural-urban fringe community not far from Tokyo: An examination of Ushiku City, Ibaraki Prefecture. Geographical Review of Japan, Series B, 82(1), 1-13.

Iguchi, Azusa, Tabayashi, Akira, Waldichuk, T. (2008). Article on stone wall strawberry
production in Shizuoka Prefecture. Shin Chiri (In Japanese)

Iguchi, Azusa, Tabayashi, Akira, Waldichuk, T., WANG, Pengfei. (2007). The rejuvenation of greenhouse horticulture owing to the introduction of hydroponic cultivation on the Kujukuri Plain, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Geographical Review of Japan, 80(12), 234-259.

Courses Taught

Courses taught the last 10 years:
Geog1010. Introductory Human Geography
Geog1100. Human Interaction with the Natural Environment
Geog3100. Environment and Resources
Geog3515. Rural geography
Geog3550. Geography of the rural-urban fringe
Geog3700. Field Studies in Geography Japan
Geog3700. Field Studies in Geography Ashcroft/Cache Cr/Kamloops
Geog3900. Japan
Geog4230. Attitudes Toward the Environment
Geog4800. Environmental Issues and Policies (environmental hazards)
Geog4810. Small Cities
Geog4480. Directed Studies
Service Learning 3000

Professional Affiliations

Canadian Association of Geographers
Japan Studies Association of Canada


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