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Susan Safford

Name: Susan Safford
Phone: (250) 828-5292


My teaching related interests have to do with how language study has the capacity to promote personal as well as intellectual development: to develop voice (here's who I am, what I think, where I stand), identity (I speak, therefore I am) and the ability to hear the voices of others (to see the world as others see it, to identify what is universal and what is unique.) My classes are focused on helping my students to discover their voices, develop their skills and understanding, and gather the tools they need to thrive in the university environment.

As a writer, grappling with my own management of language, I am interested in these same matters: how do I, through my writing, continue to develop voice, identity, and an empathetic engagement with others.

Research Interests

I write both creative non-fiction and fiction and am in continuous pursuit of the time and energy to practice these engaging crafts.

As a member of TRU's inaugural Teaching and Learning Scholars Program, I am exploring the effectiveness of specific course components in making preparatory students confident and successful in moving ahead in their education.


MS Psychology (Organizational Development) Central Washington University ( Washington)
MA English Literature(abt) University of British Columbia
BA English Beloit College (Wisconsin)


Selected Publications

Safford, S.L. 'My Sicily.' Descant 154 Fall 2011: 194-201.Print.
Safford, S.L. 'Retirement? It's Not for Me.' The Globe and Mail. 17 Nov. 2009: L6. Print.
Safford, S.L. 'Horizon.' Cahoots. Jul. 2009. On-line.
Safford, S.L. 'The Crone and I.' The Globe and Mail. 11 Feb. 2006: T5. Print.
Safford, S.L. 'The Mystery at St Bartholomew's.' Travel etc. Fall 2001: 66. Print.
Safford, S.L. 'The Thrill of the Chase.' Runners World. Apr. 1995: 120. Print.

Employment History

I have worked at TRU since it was Cariboo College and have had the pleasure and privilege of filling many roles here. Currently, I teach English 0600; during my career at TRU I have served as Department Chair, as Associate Dean Developmental and Regional Programs, Dean of Student Development, and Associate Vice President, Student Affairs.


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