Thompson Rivers University

Stan Miles

Name: Stan Miles
Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 250 371 5876

Research Interests

Microeconomics, Computational Economics


Ph.D. (York University)
M.A. (York University)
B.A. (York University)


Miles, S. and Latif, E. (2020). How do Undergraduate Students Choose Elective Courses. Australasian Journal of Economics Education (Forthcoming).

Smoczynski, P. & Miles, S, (2019) The Structure and Existence of Solutions of the Problem of Consumption with Satiation in Continuous Time. PLOS ONE.

Miles, S. & Latif, E. (2018). The Impact of Aplia on Grades: Does Group Work Matter? Australasian Journal of Economics Education. 15(1), 29-40.

Miles S. & Pyne D. (2017). The Economics of Scams, Review of Law and Economics, 13(1), 1-18.

Miles S. & Smoczynski, P. (2016). Optimal Intertemporal Consumption and Involuntary Memories of Consumption, Australian Economic Papers, 55(3), 251-273.

Miles, S. & Pyne, D. (2015). Deterring Repeat Offenders with Escalating Penalty Schedules: A Bayesian Approach, Economics of Governance, 16(3), 229-250.

Miles, S. (2013). Constant-Collateral Pyramiding Strategies in Futures Markets, Financial Markets and Portfolio Management 27, 382-396.

Latif, E. & Miles, S. (2013). Class Attendance and Academic Performance: A Panel Data Analysis, Economic Papers: A Journal of Applied Economics and Policy, 32(4), 470-476.

Latif, E. & Miles, S. (2013). Students' Perception of Effective Teaching. Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research 14(1), 121-129.

Latif, E. & Miles, S. (2012). Utilization of General Practitioners: A Comparison of Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Older Canadians. Canadian Public Policy 38(4), 573-589.

Latif, E. & Miles, S.(2011). The Impact of Assignments on Academic Performance. Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research, 12(3), 1-12.

Miles, S. & Smith, B. (2011). "Can Investors Benefit from Using Trading Rules Evolved by Genetic Programming? A Test of the Adaptive Efficiency of U.S. Stock Markets with Margin Trading Allowed," in D. Herbert & W. Semmler, (Eds.), Computational Methods in Economic Dynamics (pp.77-108). New York: Springer.

Honours, Awards, Grants

2016 School of Business and Economics Research Grant

2014 Dean's Excellence in Research Award

2013 School of Business and Economics Faculty Council Award for Excellence in Teaching

Courses Taught

Introduction to Basic Economics, Principles of Macroeconomics, Managerial Economics, Economic and Business Statistics, Intermediate Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Investments.

Professional Affiliations

Council on Undergraduate Research

Centre for Optimization and Decision Science at Thompson Rivers University

New Economics Papers Governance Board


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