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Dr. Richard Taylor

Name: Dr. Richard Taylor
Position: Associate Teaching Professor
Phone: 250-371-5987


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Research Interests

physical acoustics
audio engineering
loudspeaker and microphone arrays
dynamical systems and chaos
ergodic theory
numerical analysis and scientific computing


PhD, Applied Mathematics University of Waterloo, 2004
MSc, Geophysics University of British Columbia, 1999
BSc (Hons), Physics University of British Columbia, 1998


Richard Taylor, Kurtis Manke and D.B. (Don) Keele, Jr. "Circular-arc line arrays with amplitude shading for constant directivity". J. Audio Eng. Soc. 67(6), 400-413, 2019.
Stephanie A. Winton, Richard Taylor, Christine A. Bishop and Karl W. Larsen. "Estimating actual versus detected road mortality rates for a northern viper". Global Ecology and Conservation 16, eprint e00476, 2018.
Richard Taylor and D.B. (Don) Keele, Jr. "Theory of constant directivity circular-arc line arrays". 143rd Convention of the Aud. Eng. Soc., New York NY, Oct. 2017.
Richard Taylor, Kurtis Manke and D.B. (Don) Keele, Jr. "Constant directivity circular-arc arrays of dipole elements'. 143rd Convention of the Aud. Eng. Soc., New York NY, Oct. 2017.
B.M.C. Friedman, M.G. Abraham, M. Paetkau, S.R. Taylor, and C. Ross Friedman. "Use of a varying turn-density coil (VTDC) to generate a constant-gradient magnetic field and to demonstrate the magnetic force on a permanent magnet". Canadian Journal of Physics 91(3), 226-230, 2013.
S. Richard Taylor and Sue Ann Campbell, "Approximating chaotic saddles for delay differential equations". Phys. Rev. E 75(4), 2007.
S. Richard Taylor and Rosemary J. Knight, "Incorporating mechanisms of fluid pressure relaxation into inclusion-based models of elastic wave velocities". Geophysics 68(4), 1173-81, 2003.
S. Richard Taylor and Rosemary J. Knight, An inclusion-based model of elastic wave velocities incorporating patch scale fluid pressure relaxation. Geophysics 68(5), 1503-9, 2003.

Employment History

Thompson Rivers University (2005-present)
Capilano College (summer 2005)
Okanagan University College (2003-05)
BCIT (winter 2003)
UBC (fall 2002)
University of Waterloo (1999-2001)

Courses Taught

Calculus 1, 2, 3 & 4
Linear Algebra
Differential Equations 1 & 2
Finite Mathematics
Numerical Analysis
Intro to Analysis
Complex Variables
Mathematics Demonstrations
Physics 1 & 2
Advanced Mechanics


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