Thompson Rivers University

Robin Reid

Name: Ms. Robin Reid
Position: Associate Professor
Affiliation: Tourism Management
Phone: 371-5784


Being in nature, cycling, paddling, hiking, skiing.
Cooking, gardening and yoga.
Playing music with friends.
Engaging with the arts.

Research Interests

Research interests include pedagogy of place, intercultural and indigenous intersections in higher education, urban agriculture and concepts of sustainability in tourism.


M.A. Resource Management, University of Calgary

B.A. Communications,University of Calgary

Community Recreation Management Diploma. Mount Royal College, Calgary, Alberta.


Reid, R (2019)"Adapting Curriculum for a Changing Context: Place-based pedagogies in tourim" Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) Annual Journal of Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching.[CELT]Vol. XII. Pg. 36-45.

Reid, R. (2019) "Intercultural Learning and Place-Based Pedagogy: Is there a connection?" New Directions for Teaching and Learning. Special Issue: learning at Intercultural Intersections: Indigenization, Internationalization and Intercultural Learning. Volume 2019, Issue 157 pg. 77-90. Wiley online Library. First Published 05 March 2019.

Reid, R.and K.Besanger (2018) "Kamloops Public Produce Project A story of place, partnerships and proximity in an edible garden setting." In Leadership and Learning in the Small City New Perspectives on Quality of Life. (ED) T. Kading. Calgary. U of C Press. Pg.145-174.

Besanger, K., T. Block, L. Cooke, D. Farough, T. Kading, G. Ratsoy, R. Reid (2018) "Collaborative Initiatives and Community-Based Research Explorations and Critical Insights on 'Leadership and Learning' in the Small City." In Leadership and Learning in the Small City New Perspectives on Quality of Life. (ED) T. Kading. Calgary. U of C Press Pg. 227-284.

Reid R. and T. Palechuk (2017) "Place relationships in a wilderness setting: An analysis of two mountaineering camps in the Canadian Rocky Mountains." Leisure/ Loisir Journal of the Canadian Association for Leisure Studies. Vol 41 Issue 2 pgs.185-204.

Reid R. and K, Garson (2016) "Rethinking multicultural group work as Intercultural Experiences." Journal of Studies in International Education pp. 1-8. 2016 European Association for International Education. DOI: 10.1177/1028315316662981.

Reid, R., and Palechuk, T., (2015): "Two Canadian Mountaineering Camps: participant motivations and sense of place in a wilderness setting." In Hull & Richins (Eds), Mountain Tourism: Experiences, Communities, Environments and Sustainable Futures. CABI. UK pp. 203-211.

Courses Taught

TMGT 1110 The Tourism Industry
TMGT 1140 Human Resources Management
ADVG 2020 The Cultural Environment
CONV 2100 Conference Management
HMGT 2120 Convention Management/Service
TMGT 2610 Environmental Issues in Tourism
TMGT 2060 People Places and the Toured Landscape
TMGT 3010 Community and Cultural Issues
TMGT 4040 Tourism Planning and Sustainable Development
TMGT 4060 Selected Topics in Tourism
TMGT 4210 Casino Operations Management
TMGT 4020 Graduating Seminar


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