Thompson Rivers University

Mark Wallin

Name: Dr. Mark Wallin
Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 377-6072

Research Interests

Adaptation Theory, Critical Theory, New Media Studies, Rhetoric, Film Studies, Popular Culture, Graphic Novels, Video Games, Cultural Studies, Event Studies, Critical Management Studies


B.A. Major in English: Trinity Western University
M.A. in English: Rhetoric and Professional Writing: University of Waterloo
PhD in English Language and Literature: University of Waterloo


Refereed Journal Articles

Wallin, M. R. (2013). Reservoirs of Ethos: Symbolic Authorship and the New Media Adaptation. Rhetor: Journal of the CSSR. pp. 44-57.

Wallin, M. R. (2013) Eurhythmatic Analysis: A Rhetoric of Adaptation. Adaptation in Film and Performance 6.2. pp.123-137.

Caton. K.; Pastoor, C.; Belhassen, Y; Collins, B.; and Wallin, M. R. (2013). Christian Music Festival Tourism and Positive Peace. Journal of Peace Through Tourism. 3.1.

Wallin, M. R. (2007). Myths, Monsters and Markets: Ethos, Identification, and the Video Game Adaptations of Lord of the Rings. Game Studies. 7. 1.

Edited Books

Grimwood, B., Wallin, M., Shippit, J., and Caton, K. (Eds.). (2016). Celebrating the Disruptive Power of Caring in Tourism Education. Proceedings of the 9th Tourism Education Futures Initiative conference. Kamloops, BC: Department of Tourism Management, Thompson Rivers University.

Refereed Book Chapters

Wallin, M. R. (2015) The New Dedalus:, Avatars, and Identities In Online Social Networks in P. Murphy and N. Pawliuk (eds.) Becket in Popular Culture: Essays on a Postmodern Icon. McFarland and Co.

Caton. K.; Pastoor, C.; Belhassen, Y; Collins, B.; and Wallin, M. R. (2014). Let There Be Rock! A Tale of Two Christian Music Festivals. In O. Moufakkir and T. Pernecky (eds.), Social and Cultural Aspects of Events. Oxfordshire, UK: CABI.

Wallin, M. R.; Collins, B.; and Hull, J. (2012) Its Not Just About the Film: Festivals, Sustainability & Small Cities. in Events, Society and Sustainability: Critical and Contemporary Perspectives. T. Perneky (ed), Routledge. Pp. 230-243.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

Culture of Events: Is There a Place for Critical Theory in Event Pedagogy? Critical Tourism Studies, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. ISSN 2053-7468.

We Can Remember it for You Wholesale: Nostalgic Hyperreality and the Extended Self in Marketing Strategy. 7th Annual Critical Management Studies Conference Proceedings.

Recent Conference Presentations

???Spike Jonze and the Adaptation of Genre??? For the Film Studies Association of Canada conference, Toronto ON. May 2017

???Slaloming to Freedom: Using the Apparatus of Disciplinarity to Achieve Interdisciplinary Goals.?????For the Tourism Education Futures Conference in Kamloops BC. July. 2016

???Subversion and Disnification: Miyazaki???s Adaptation of Howl???s Moving Castle??? for the Film Studies Association of Canada conference, Calgary AB. May 2016

Employment History

Thompson Rivers University (2005-present)
St. Jeromes University (2003-2005)
Six Nations Polytechnic (2004)
University of Waterloo (1998-2005)

Courses Taught

Thompson Rivers University

CMNS 2180, Social Networks, Online Identities, and Internet Memes
CMNS 3050, Communication, Marketing, and Design
CMNS 3600, The Films of Hayao Miyazaki in Context

FILM 2200, Introduction to Film Studies
FILM 3050, Film Noir
FILM 4100, The American Frontier in Film and Television

MBA (GBUS) 502, Management Communications

IDIS 3000, Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies

ENGL 110-08, Composition
ENGL 116, Introduction to Communication
ENGL 149, Technical Communication for Applied Industrial Technology
ENGL 181, Business, Professional and Academic Composition.
ENGL 192-01, Professional Presentation and Communication.
ENGL 229, Technical Writing
ENGL 3160, Angst, Sex, and Violence: The Graphic Novel in Modern Cinema
ENGL 307, Adaptation: Novels into Film and Beyond
ENGL 307, Rhetoric of Design
ENGL 307, Information Design
ENGL 499, Rhetoric and Professional Writing Capstone

TMGT 4060, The Culture of Events

St. Jeromes University

English 208B, Science Fiction Literature

Six Nations Polytechnic

English 109, Introduction to Academic Writing

University of Waterloo

English 102A, Major Forms of Literature: Drama and Short Story
English 102B Major Forms of Literature: Novel and Poetry
English 108E, Women in Literature
English 108H, Alienation and Isolation
English 109, Introduction to Academic Writing
English 210E, Genres of Technical Writing


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