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Dr. Mohammad Mahbobi

Name: Dr. Mohammad Mahbobi

Research Interests

* Quantitative Methods and Modelling in Business, Management, and Economics
* Applied Microeconomics
* Applied Econometrics and Forecasting in Business, Economics and Finance
* Application of Machine Learning/Data Mining in Business and Finance
* International Trade and Trade Policy
* Crude Oil Market
* Use of New Teaching and Learning Technologies and Approaches


* B.Sc. Economics and MSc. Economics National University of Iran,(S.B.U.)
*Ph.D. (U of S)


Recent Publications:

1. Mahbobi, M., Kimiagari, S. (2021), An Integrated Classification Approach in Predicting Daily Stock Market Fluctuations: Implications for the Aftermath of COVID-19. Under review.

2. Mahbobi, M., Kimiagari, S., and Vasudevan M. (2021), Credit risk classification: an integrated predictive accuracy algorithm using artificial and deep neural networks. Annals of Operations Research, (),1-29,

3. Mahbobi, M. and Sukhmani R. (2017), Likelihood of financial distress in Canadian oil and gas market: An optimized hybrid forecasting approach, Journal of Economic and Financial Studies (JEFS), Vol(5)3, pp 12-25.

4.Hasan, S. and Mahbobi, M. (2013), The Increasing Influence of Oil Price on Canadian Stock Market, International Journal of Business and Finance Research. Vol(7)3, pp 27-39.

5. Mahbobi, M. (2012), What Factors Influence First-Year Student's Success and Failure at TRU-A Case of Introductory Economics Courses. Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research. Vol(13)3, pp 133-143.

6. Mahbobi, M. and Kerr W. (2011), Possibility of Dumping in a Mixed Duopoly Model, Journal of International Business Research, Vol(11)2, pp 73-88.

Courses Taught

* Applied Econometrics.
* Applied Statistics Graduate Course.
* Forecasting for Business and Economics.
* Business Modelling and Simulation
* Principles of Macroeconomics.
* Managerial Economics.
* Principles of Microeconomics.
* Statistics in Business and Economics.
* Mathematics for Economics.
* Intermediate Macroeconomics.
* Operational Research in Management Science.

Professional Affiliations

* American Economic Association, AEA.
* Canadian Economic Association, CEA.
* Canadian Agricultural Economics Society, CAES.
* Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, STLH.
* International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning, ISSOTL


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