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Matti Haverila

Name: Dr. Matti Haverila
Position: Professor and Chair
Phone: +1-250-828-5373

Research Interests

1. Customer satisfaction, and loyalty
2. Wine marketing
3. New product development (NPD)
4. Marketing of high technology products
5. E-Learning
6. Cell phone feature preferences and behaviour


1. Ph.D. (Marketing), Tampere University of Technology, Finland, 1995.
2. M.Sc. (Information Systems), Golden Gate University, San Francisco, 1998.
3. MBA (Marketing), University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, USA, 1982.
4. Lic.Tech. (International marketing), Tampere University of Technology, Finland, 1982.
5. M.Sc. (Industrial Management), Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland, 1977.


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23. M. Haverila, Kacy Fehr (2016). The impact of product superiority on customer satisfaction in project management. International J. of Project Management, 34, 4, 570-583.

Courses Taught

* Basics of Marketing
* Business Strategy
* International Marketing
* Commercial Innovations
* Strategic Marketing
* Balanced Scorecard
* Electronic Marketing
* Marketing of High-technology Products
* E-Commerce
* Marketing Management (MBA)
* Business Game
* International Marketing and Strategy (MBA)
* Marketing Research
* Innovation and entrepreneurship (MBA)
* Networks and Alliances


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