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Karl Hutchings

Name: Dr. Karl Hutchings
Position: Associate Professor
Affiliation: Anthropology
Phone: 250-371-5767


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Research Interests

Dr. Hutchings's primary research interests include lithic technology (including fracture mechanics and use-wear analysis), Paleoindians, the Middle-Upper Paleolithic transition, ancient technologies, experimental archaeology, archaeological theory, and the development of middle-range approaches for stone tool analysis.


Ph.D. (Simon Fraser University), 1997
Dissertation Title: The Paleoindian Fluted Point: Dart or Spear Armature? The Identification of Paleoindian Delivery Technology Through the Analysis of Lithic Fracture Velocity.

M.A. (University of Toronto), 1991
Thesis Title: The Nachcharini Composite Projectile: Design Theory and the Study of Hunting Systems Technology at Mugharat en-Nachcharini in the Post-Natufian Levant.


Hutchings, W. Karl (2015). Finding the Paleoindian Spearthrower: Quantitative Evidence for Mechanically-Assisted Propulsion of Lithic Armatures During the North American Paleoindian Period. Journal of Archaeological Science 55:34-41.

Sahle, Yonatan, Leah E. Morgan, David R. Braun, Balemwal Atnafu, and W. Karl Hutchings (2013) Chronological and Behavioral Contexts of the Earliest Middle Stone Age in the Gademotta Formation, Main Ethiopian Rift. Quaternary International (Available online March 19, 2013).

Sahle, Yonatan, W. Karl Hutchings, David R. Braun, Judith C. Sealy, Leah E. Morgan, Agazi Negash,and Balemwal Atnafu (2013) The Earliest Composite Projectile Weapons And Behaviors Across The Dawn Of Modern Humans. PLoS One 8(11):e78092.

Hutchings, W. Karl (2011) Measuring Use-Related Fracture Velocity in Lithic Armatures to Identify Spears, Javelins, Darts, and Arrows. Journal of Archaeological Science 38: 1737-1746.

Hutchings, W. Karl (1999) Quantification of Fracture Propagation Velocity Employing a Sample of Clovis Channel Flakes. Journal of Archaeological Science 26:1437-1447.

Hutchings, W. Karl (1996) The Namu Obsidian Assemblage. In Early Human Occupation in British Columbia, edited by Roy L. Carlson and Luke Dalla Bona, pp. 167-176. UBC Press, Vancouver.

Hutchings, W. Karl, and Lorenz W. Bruchert (1997) Spearthrower Performance: Ethnographic and Experimental Research. Antiquity 71:890-897.

Hayden, Brian, and W. Karl Hutchings (1989) Whither the Billet Flake? In Experiments in Lithic Technology, edited by Daniel S. Amick and Raymond P. Mauldin, pp. 235-257. BAR International Series 528, B.A.R., Oxford.

Employment History

Dr. Hutchings has conducted archaeological research and field investigations since 1985, working in western Canada, Hawaii, the Near East, and Africa. Prior to coming to TRU in 2001, Dr. Hutchings held sessional teaching positions at SFU, and worked as a Senior Archaeologist and cultural resource management consultant in Northern B.C., completing field investigations, mitigation, archaeological analysis, and report preparation for more than 130 different projects.

Courses Taught

ARCH 1100-3 Exploring Archaeology
ARCH 1110-3 Human Origins
ARCH 1190-3 Introduction to Archaeology
ARCH 2160-3 Ancient Civilizations
ARCH 2190-3 Ancient North Americans
ARCH 2330-3 Old World Archaeology
ARCH 3050-3/6 Theory in Archaeology
ARCH 3260-3 Environmental Archaeology
ARCH 4060-3 Cultural Resource Management


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