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Jenna Woodrow

Name: Dr. Jenna Woodrow
Position: Associate Teaching Professor
Affiliation: Philosophy


Epistemology: the philosophical study of knowledge
Epistemic Justice
Feminist and Indigenous Epistemologies
Philosophy of Mind
Embodiment, Oppression and Agency
Philosophy of Language
Meta-Ethics: The Problem of Moral Luck
The Problem of Freewill and Determinism

Research Interests

My primary area of research is the evolution of norms and normative judgments. My particular interest is in the relationships agents bear to their environments and to other agents. In my view, these relationships ground epistemic norms of justification, imputations of meaning, and practices of holding one another responsible.


PhD, Philosophy: Dalhousie University
Dissertation, "Luck and Responsibility,"
Supervisor: Dr. Richmond Campbell.
MA,Philosophy: Dalhousie University
Dissertation, "Socializing Evolutionary
Epistemology," Supervisor: Dr. Richmond Campbell.
BA, Honours: The University of Lethbridge
Honours Thesis, "Induction and Evolutionary
Epistemology," Supervisor: Dr. Kent Peacock.


"Are There Real Rules for Adding?" Dialogue, Vol. 48,
No. 3 (2010): 1-23
"Why Moore's Open Question is Open: The Evolution of
Moral Supervenience" (co-authored with Dr.
Richmond Campbell), The Journal of Value Inquiry
37, No. 3. (2004): 357-372.

Employment History

Thompson Rivers University, 2009-Present
University of Alberta, 2008-2009
Thompson Rivers University, Winter 2008.
Dalhousie University, 2006-2007

Courses Taught

Phil 1110, Critical Thinking
Phil 1010, Intro to Philosophy: Ancient to Enlightenment
Phil 2220, Elementary Formal Logic
Phil 2010, Intro to Ethics
Phil 2140, Knowledge, Certainty, and Skepticism
Phil 2160, Technology and the Environment
Phil 2400, Understanding Scientific Reasoning
Phil 3600, Knowledge, Power, and Credibility
Phil 4150, Philosophy of Mind, Bodies, and Persons
Phil 4300, Philosophy of Law
Phil 4400, Philosophy of Science

Feminist Epistemology (Graduate/Undergraduate)
Luck and responsibility (Graduate/Undergraduate)
Freedom, Action and Responsibility (Graduate/Undergraduate)
Intro to Phil. Ethics and Value
Intro to Phil. Knowledge and Reality
Technology and the Environment
Scientific Reasoning

Professional Affiliations

Canadian Philosophical Association Equity Committee, Co-Chair
Canadian Philosophical Association Indigenizing Committee, Co-Chair
Thompson Rivers University Faculty Association Equity Committee, Chair

Member: Canadian Philosophical Association
Member: American Association of Philosophy Teachers
Member: Society for Women's Happiness in Philosophy


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