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Joyce O'Mahony

Name: Dr. Joyce O'Mahony
Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 250-377-6138


Community Health Nursing
Multicultural Health Care
Mental Health
Women's Health
Feminist and Critical Perspectives

Research Interests

Community-based Research
Immigrant Health and Healthcare Access
Postpartum Depression
Mental Healthcare
Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Strategies

Dr. O'Mahony's background as a community health nurse encouraged her to explore further the mental health care experiences of immigrant women. Her research to date has been motivated by the need to enhance opportunities for improved health through the perspectives of immigrant and refugee women in the postpartum period.
Ongoing research studies include: i) JBI systematic review of migrant women's experiences of mental health care access in resettlement, ii) culturally acceptable, appropriate support interventions and services perceived to be safe and accessible for perinatal immigrant and refugee women.

Research and Project Grants:
"Using Community Based Action Research to Support Syrian Refugee Mothers in the Resettlement Period" O'Mahony, J.,(PI), Clark, N., Forster, J., Tan, K., Kassam, S. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)(2019-2022)

"Supporting Emotional Well-being and Access to Healthcare of Syrian Mothers: A Collaboration amongst Community Stakeholders, Researchers and Research users" O'Mahony, J., (PI) Clark, N., Kassam, S., Tan, K., & Bauer, J. Michael Smith Foundation of Health Research C2 Grant. (2018-2019)

"Supporting Syrian Refugee Mothers Access to Health Care" O'Mahony, J. Internal Research Fund. (2018-2019)

"The General Practice Service Committee Residential Care Initiative and the Impact of Physician Attitudes on Engagement in Residential Care" Lawrie, S., Buckley, B.J., O'Mahony, J. (Co-I) Newton, J.,Kosak-Campbell, C.,& Harrison, J.Interior Health Research Grant.(2016-2018)

"Reproductive Mental Health Care Access for Immigrant Women: An Environmental Scan" O'Mahony, J.(PI), Clark, N., Smrek, J.TRU Internal Research Fund. (2016-2017)

"Public Health Nursing Engagement in Comprehensive School Health" Duncan, S.(Co-PI),O'Mahony,J.,(Co-PI) Mahara,S.,Sanders, T.,Weatherman, K., Stade, S., Pitman, V.,& Ringstad, K. Interior Health Practice(2015-2017)

"Immigrant Women's Experiences of Postpartum Depression in Canada: A Narrative Synthesis" Higginbottom,G. (PI)Myfanwy, M.,O'Mahony, J.(Co-I),Chiu, Y., Kocay, D., Alexandre, M. et al. CIHR Knowledge Synthesis Grant. (2013-2016)


PhD: Faculty of Nursing, University of Calgary, Alberta. Dissertation:Immigrant and Refugee Women's Voices: Exploring Postpartum Depression Help Seeking Experiences and Access to Mental Health Care (2011)

MN: Faculty of Nursing, University of Calgary, Alberta. Thesis:Exploring Immigrant Women's Mental Health Care Experiences: From a Health Care Provider's Perspective(2005)

BN:Athabasca University, Athabasca, Alberta (2002)

RN Diploma: Nursing, Red River Community College, Winnipeg, Manitoba (1980)

2009-2012 CIHR Frederick Banting and Charles Best
Doctoral Award
2009-2012 AHFMR Mental Health Doctoral Studentship Award
2008 St Pauls Hospital Alumnae Scholarship, Saskatoon
2008 Queen Elizabeth II Open Graduate Research
Scholarship, University of Calgary
2007 Graduate Research Scholarship,University of Calgary
2007 Dean's Entrance Scholarship, University of Calgary
2007 Alberta Mental Health Board Award


Selected Publications Kassam, S., Marcellus, L., Clark, N., & O'Mahony, J. (2020). Applying Intersectionality with Constructive Grounded Theory as an Innovative Research Approach for Studying Complex Populations: Demonstrating Congruency. International Journal of Qualitative Methods. In Press. O'Mahony, J. & Clark, N. (2020). An Environmental Scan of Perinatal Mental Health Care Services for Immigrant Women. Sage Research Method Cases. O'Mahony, J.(2020). Hearing the Voices of Immigrant and Refugee Women for Planning Postpartum Depression Care in Community as Partner: Theory and Multidisciplinary Practice, 5th Ed. Vollman & Jackson (Eds.), Wolters Kluwer: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. In Press. Sanders, T., O'Mahony, J. M., Duncan, S., Mahara, S., Pittman, V., Ringstad, K., & Weatherman, K. (2019) Opening the doors for school health: An exploration of public health nurses' capacities to engage in comprehensive school health programs. Public Health Nursing, 1-9 DOI: 10.1111/phn.12607 O'Mahony, J. & Clark, N. (2018). Immigrant Women and Perinatal Mental Health Care: Findings from an Environmental Scan. Issues in Mental Health Nursing Journal. Veltri, L., Wilson-Mitchell, K., & O'Mahony, J. (2018). Family Nursing with Childbearing Families. In J. Rowe Kaakinen & D. Padgett Coehlo (Eds.) Family Health Care Nursing: Theory, Practice, and Research (6th Ed) (pp.351-386) Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis O'Mahony, J.(2017) Critical ethnography: A pragmatic research methodology to explore experiences of immigrant women seeking help for postpartum depression. Sage Research Methods Cases. Higginbottom G, Morgan M, O'Mahony J, et al.(2015). Research Briefing Report. Immigrant women's experience of postpartum depression in Canada: A Systematic Review with Narrative Synthesis. Assigned ISBN: 978-1-55195-354-0 O'Mahony, J. M.,& Donnelly, T. T. (2013). How does Gender Influence Immigrant and Refugee Women's Postpartum Depression Help-seeking Experiences? Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 20, 714-725 O'Mahony, J. M., Donnelly, T. T., Raffin Bouchal, S., Este, D. (2013). Cultural Background and Socioeconomic Influence among Immigrant and Refugee Women Coping with Postpartum Depression. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, 15(2):300-14 O'Mahony, J. M., Donnelly, T. T., Raffin Bouchal, S., Este, D. (2012). Barriers and Facilitators of Social Supports for Immigrant and Refugee Women Coping with Postpartum Depression. Advances in Nursing Science 35 (3): E42-E56. Refereed Presentations (last two years) O'Mahony, J. & Kassam, S. Supporting Mental Health of Syrian Refugee Mothers:A Collaboration Among Community Stakeholders, Syrian Community Members and Researchers. Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Conference: Perinatal Services BC, Feb 21-22, 2020, Vancouver, BC O'Mahony, J., Clark, N. Migrant Women's Experience in Postpartum Mental Health Care Access: A Healthcare Provider's Perspective. Global Alliance for Human Caring Education Conference, Sept 30-Oct 1, 2019, Victoria, BC O'Mahony. J., Clark, N., Kassam, S., & Ringstad, K. Supporting Mental Health of Syrian Refugee Mothers: A Collaboration among Community Stakeholders, Syrian Community Members and Researchers. North American Refugee Health Conference, June 14-16, 2019 Toronto, ON Clark, N., O'Mahony, J., Mannix, L., Lam, J., Stevenson, F., Kim, G. Supporting Vulnerable Newcomers Health and Wellness in Surrey- An Empowering Settlement Journey. Pathways to Prosperity National Conference, Nov 22-23, 2018 Montreal, QC O'Mahony, J. & Clark, N., & Smrek, J.Immigrant Women and Perinatal Mental Health Care: Findings from an Environmental Scan. Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Conference:Perinatal Services BC, Mar 1-2, 2018, Vancouver, BC

Employment History

Joyce O'Mahony has expertise in public/community health nursing practice, research and education. She has scholarly experience as a faculty member and numerous years of clinical teaching. Her nursing background is an accumulation of many years of diverse experience and knowledge. Earlier career choices consisted of extensive hospital-based positions in a variety of acute care areas, while in recent years she has focused on community health care as a public health nurse, nursing instructor, manager and researcher.

Courses Taught

Past courses taught include: Community Health Nursing (Theory and Nursing Practice),Senior's Health (acute care/community),Nursing Research, Nursing Practice: Transitioning to BScN Graduate; Graduate Research in Healthcare

Professional Affiliations

British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals (BCCNP)
International Collaboration For CHN Nursing Research (ICCHNR)
Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA)
Community Health Nurses of Canada (CHNC)
Pathways to Prosperity (P2P)

Associate Editor: (2015-present) Ethnicity & Health Journal
Reviewer for: Canadian Journal of Nursing Research
Issues in Mental Health Nursing, Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, Journal of Nursing Education

Board Director: (2015-present) Pacific Post-Partum Depression Support Society (PPPSS), Vancouver, BC

Systems Change Grants Advisor:Vancouver Foundation(2019-2022)


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