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Dr. Judy E. Duchscher

Name: Dr. Judy E. Duchscher
Position: Associate Professor (Tenured)
Phone: 250-377-6199


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Professional Role Transition from Nursing Student to Practitioner
Qualitative Research Grounded Theory/Interpretive Inquiry/Narrative Analysis/Phenomenology
Instrument Development Delphi (Professional Role Transition Risk Assessment Instrument PRTRA)
Critical Social Theory in Nursing and Health Education
Critical Thinking as a Concept
Mentoring in Education
Peer Learning as a Critical Thinking Strategy
LEAN Management in Acute Care


2008 Transition Shock Model
2008 Stages of Transition Theory
2004 Nursing The Future Federal Non-Profit Registration


Chair Nursing Faculty Council (Nursing)
Chair Graduate Studies Committee (Senate)
Interim Nursing Faculty Council Chair (March-June 2020)
Graduate Studies Committee (University Senate Standing Committee)
MN Committee (Nursing)
MN International Graduate Student Sub-Committee Lead
BScN Program Committee (Nursing)
Undergraduate Program Evaluation Committee (Nursing)
Appointments Committee (Nursing)
Academic Integrity Subcommittee (University)
Education Program Evaluation (University Senate Standing Committee)
Student Success (University Senate Standing Committee)
Associate Dean Search Committee (Nursing) COMPLETE
TRU Presidential Search Committee (University) COMPLETE
Tenure and Promotion (Trades) COMPLETE
MN Student Recruitment Team Lead (COMPLETE)

Research Interests

PI TRU Health Research Cluster Grant Bicultural Immersion as a Strategy to Promote a Healthy Professional Role Transition for Newly Graduated Nurses (2019-2020 Renewable 2020-2021)
PI TRU Internal Research Fund (IRF) Bicultural Immersion During an Undergraduate BScN Program: The Influence on Professional Role Transition (2018-2019)
Co-Investigator(PI) Dr. Sonia Udod University of Saskatchewan SHRF Building Nurse Manager Leadership within the Lean Management System (2017)
PI University of Calgary Research Grants Committee (URGC) Item Development for a Professional Role Transition Risk Assessment Instrument: A Delphi Project (2014)
Co-I (PI Dr. Jane Lemaire Medicine U of C/Dr. Jean Wallace Sociology U of C). The Experience of Professional Role Transition for Newly Licensed Independently Practicing Physicians (2012-2013)
PI Research Starter Grant (U of C Faculty of Nursing) The Exploration of Professional Role Transition in Newly Graduated Male Nurses (2011-2013)
PI University Research Grants Council (U of C) An Exploration of the Accelerated-Track Nursing Graduates Professional Role Transition Experience (2010-2012)
Co-PI (Dr. Lorna Guse University of Manitoba) w Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and Brandon Regional Health Authority Summer Health Care Aide Employment: Expectations, Challenges and Benefits from the Perspective of Nursing Students (2009-2011)
PI Royal University Hospital Employing Nursing Graduates in Emergency: A Qualitative Exploration of the Integration of Newly Graduated Registered Nurses into an Emergency Department (2001)
Partner Investigator (PI Dr. Leanne Cowin, University of Western Sydney) Australian Research Council (ARC) The role of professional identity in the recruitment and retention of nurses (2012-2014)


2007 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD Nursing), University of Alberta
1998 Master of Nursing (MN), University of Saskatchewan,
1994 Critical Care Registered Nurse RE-Certification (CCRN), AACN
1994 Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Great Distinction), University of Saskatchewan
1984 Critical Care Registered Nurse Certification (CCRN), AACN
1984 Clinical Transplant Coordination Certification (CTCC), Johns Hopkins Medical Center
1984 Cardiovascular Nursing Diploma, Stanford University
1980 Intensive Care Nursing Diploma, University of Winnipeg Health Sciences Center
1979 Nursing Diploma, Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences


Excellence in Research and Consultation (Honorary), National Nursing Staff Development Organization/Association of Nursing Professional Development (NNSDO/ANDP), Boston, Massachusetts
Outstanding New Investigator Award, Canadian Association of Nursing Research, AGM Awards Ceremony, Ottawa, Ontario
Saskatchewan Health Excellence Award for Leadership (SHEA), Saskatchewan Ministry of Health, Regina, Saskatchewan
Community Leader Award, Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society of Nursing (STTI) Mu Sigma Chapter, Edmonton, Alberta
Nursing Researcher Award, Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association (SRNA) Millennial Awards, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Elizabeth Van Valkenburg Award for Leadership in Nursing Education (SIAST Nursing Division), Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association (SRNA) Millennial Award, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Alberta Heritage Medical Research Foundation (AHFMR) Award, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta
Andrew Stewart Memorial Graduate Prize for Research, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.
CNF Doctoral Award (TD Meloche Mennox, Canadian Nurses Foundation, Ottawa, Ontario
Jannetta MacPhail Award, Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta
John Engel Doctoral Award, Saskatchewan Nurses Foundation, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Honorary Membership Canadian Nursing Students Society
Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS) Award Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), Ottawa, Ontario
Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholarship University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.
Walter H. Johns Graduate Fellowship, Edmonton, Alberta
Saskatchewan Health Specialized Profession Bursary Saskatchewan Health
Advanced Education, Research, and Professional Development Scholarship, SIAST Nursing Division, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
YWCA Women of Distinction Nominee Education and Lifelong Learning, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Lucy D. Willis Scholarship, University of Saskatchewan College of Nursing, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Myrtle Evangeline Crawford Scholarship, University of Saskatchewan College of Nursing, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Johnson & Johnson Award, Canadian Nurses Foundation, Toronto, Ontario
Saskatchewan Nurses Foundation Bursary, Saskatchewan Nurses Foundation, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Royal University Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship, Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Postgraduate Studies and Research Scholarship, University of Saskatchewan Graduate Studies, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
University Teaching Excellence Award, University of Saskatchewan Students Society, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Baccalaureate Scholarship, Canadian Nurses Foundation, Ottawa, Ontario
Abbott Education Trust Fund Award, Abbott Laboratories Inc., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Royal University Hospital Educational Bursary, Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Danny Browning Award, University of Saskatchewan College of Nursing, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


PAST 15 YEARS Duchscher, J.E.B. & Painter, S. (2020). Proceed with caution: Integrating newly graduated nurses into an emergency department. Advanced Journal of Emergency Nursing. In Press. Udod, S.A., Duchscher, J.E.B., Goodridge, D., Rotter, T., McGrath, P., Hewitt, A.D. (2019). Nurse managers implementing the Lead management system: A qualitative study in western Canada. Journal of Nursing Management. Rush, K.L., Janke, R., Duchscher, J.E., Phillips, R., Kaur, S. (2019). Best practices of formal new graduate transition programs: An integrative review. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 94, 139-158. Bazylewski, S., Duchscher, J.E.B., & Ens, B., (2018). Emerging Leadership Issues. In Wagner, J (Ed.) Leadership and Influencing Change in Nursing. Regina, SK: URPress. Duchscher, J.E.B. & Windey, M. (2018). Stages of transition and transition shock. Journal for Nursing in Professional Development, 34(5). Duchscher, J.E.B. (2018). The New Graduate Experience. In The Nurse Residency Program Builder (2nd ed., pp. 100-115). Danvers, Massachusetts: HCPro. Duchscher, J.E.B.(2018) Role transition. In Yoder-Wise and Grant, First Canadian Edition of Leading and Managing in Nursing. Elsevier Canada. Kramer, M., Brewer, B.B., Halfer, D., Hnatiuk, C.N., MacPhee, M., Duchscher, J.E.B., Maguire, P., Coe, t., Schmalenberg, C. (2017). Impact of Professional Nursing Practices on Patient/Nurse Outcomes: Testing the Essential Professional Nursing Practices (EPNP) Instrument. JONA Duchscher, J.E.B., Harris, K. (2014) Role transition. In Yoder-Wise and Grant, First Canadian Edition of Leading and Managing in Nursing. Elsevier Canada. Kramer, M., Brewer, B.B., Halfer, D., Maguire, P., Beausoeil, S., Claman, K., MacPhee, M., & Duchscher, J.E.B. (2013). Changing our lens: Seeing the chaos of professional practice as complexity. Journal of Nursing Management, 21, 690-704. Duchscher, J.E.B. (2012). From Surviving to Thriving: Navigating the First Year of Professional Nursing Practice (2nd Ed). Calgary, AB: Nursing The Future. Duchscher, J.E.B. (2009). What I can't hear. In T. Shaloff (Ed), Lives in the balance: Nurses stories from the ICU (pp. 21-24). New York: Kaplan Publishing. Duchscher, J.E.B. (2009). Treating transition shock. In S. Gordon (Ed), When chicken soup isn't enough: Stories of nurses standing up for themselves, their patient, and their profession (pp. 45-49). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press. Duchscher, J.E.B. (2009). Transition shock: The initial stage of role adaptation for newly-graduated Registered Nurses. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 65(5), 1103-13. Duchscher, J.E.B. (2008). A process of becoming: The stages of new nursing graduate professional role transition. Journal of Continuing Nursing Education, 39(10), 441-450. Duchscher, J.E.B., Myrick, F. (2008). The prevailing winds of oppression: The new graduate experience in acute-care. Nursing Forum, 43(4), 191-206. Cowin, L., & Duchscher, J.E.B. (2007). Transitional programs. In E. Chang & J. Daly (Eds.), Transition in Nursing: Preparing for professional practice, 2nd ed. NSW, Australia: Elsevier Australia. Duchscher, J.E.B. (2007). Professional role transition into acute-care by newly graduated baccalaureate female registered nurses. Doctoral dissertation, University of Alberta, Alberta. Duchscher, J.E.B. (Ed). (2006). From Surviving to Thriving: Navigating the First Year of Professional Nursing Practice. Saskatoon, SK: Nursing The Future. Duchscher, J.E.B., Cowin, L. (2006). The new graduate's professional inheritance. Nursing Outlook, 54(3), 152-158. Duchscher, J.E.B, Cowin, L. (2005). The experience of marginalization in new nursing graduates. Nursing Outlook, 52(6), 289-296.

Employment History

Associate Professor, School of Nursing, Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC
Manager, Cardiology/Cardiothoracic Surgery/Telemetry, Royal University Hospital, SK
Faculty, The Nurse Residency Partnership (
Assistant Professor, University of Calgary Faculty of Nursing
Coordinator, Institute for Nursing Scholarship, SIAST Nursing Division, SK
Facilitator of Scholarly Programs and Projects, SIAST Nursing Division, SK
Full-Time Nursing Faculty, SIAST Nursing Division, SK
Executive Director, Nursing The Future
Staff Nurse, Cardiac Short-Stay Unit (CSSU), CCU/ICU, Hemodialysis, CV Surgical ICU
Transplant Coordinator, Out of Province Program, SK
Clinical Faculty/Sessional Lecturer, University of Saskatchewan
Educational Consultant, Critical Care Consultants, BC
Clinical Program Nurse, Quality Assurance/Research Nurse, SK
Northern Outpost Nurse, Northern Relief Nursing, SK
Educational Nursing Consultant, Saskatoon Homecare Services, SK
Team Leader/Clinical Education Preceptor, CVICU/MICU/SICU, SK
Program Coordinator, Clinical Specialist Program, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Lung Transplant Program Coordinator, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri
Multi-Organ Donor Transplant Program Coordinator, Toronto, ON
Heart and Lung Transplant Program Coordinator, Edmonton, AB
Clinical Nurse Educator, CV Surgery/Intensive Care, Edmonton, AB
Educational Preceptor, Med-Surg Intensive Care Unit, Calgary, AB

Courses Taught


4th Year Senior Preceptored Practica (Acute Medicine_Cardiac Care)
2nd Year Junior Practica (Acute Medicine_Cardiac Care)
Leadership in Nursing
Transition to Professional Practice
YEAR ONE Nursing Program Advisor
Professional Issues in Nursing
Professional Nursing Skills Lab


Philosophical Foundations in Advanced Nursing Practice (Graduate Studies)
The Canadian Healthcare System and Advanced Professional Practice


University of Saskatchewan (Adjunct Professor CURRENT)
University of Alberta (Associate Faculty CURRENT)
University of Western Sydney (Associate Faculty CURRENT)
University of Hawaii Manoa (Adjunct Professor CURRENT)

Professional Affiliations

Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), Experienced Nurse Faculty Leadership Academy Mentor (CURRENT)
ICN Nursing Knowledge Expert (CURRENT)
Canadian Nursing Students Association (CNSA) Honorary Member (CURRENT)
Canadian Association of Nursing Research (CURRENT Member)
Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) (CURRENT Member)
Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CURRENT Member)
CASN Accreditation Reviewer (CURRENT)
CNA (Board of Directors 2012-2014)
SRNA (Past Member)
RNAO (Past Member)
CARNA (Past Member)
Canadian Cardiovascular Society (Past Member)
Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation (ACLS)


Board of Directors Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing
Enabling eConsult Policy Think Tank, Canadian Patient Safety Institute
LEAN Initiatives/RPIWPatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Referral; Nutrition Waste Elimination; Flow Rounds and Patient Placement
International Council of Nursing ??? ICN Nursing Education Expert
Founder/Executive Director Nursing The Future (NTF)
SHR Nursing Practice Committee
SHR Management/Union Collaborative Committee
SHR Medication Quality Practice Committee
Health Science Research Associates (Tahoe, CA), Nursing Administration and Research Consultation Associate (Dr. Marlene Kramer Chair)
Canadian Nurses Association (Associate/Affiliate/Network Member)
Covenant/Faculty of Nursing Nursing Excellence Awards Committee
Canadian Patient Safety Institute. Patient Safety Champion
U of C Nominations and Rules Committee
U of C Intellectual Property Committee U of C Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
U of C Research and Scholarly Leave Committee
U of C Teaching Development Unit (TDU)
U of C Research and Scholarly Development Committee
U of C Graduate Programs Committee
CASN National Nursing Education Accreditation Reviewer


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