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Iain Pardoe

Name: Dr Iain Pardoe
Position: Open Learning Faculty Member
Phone: 1-888-828-3399 x7036


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Teaching and writing online university-level statistics and mathematics courses.

Research Interests

Applied statistics including Bayesian analysis, multilevel modeling, graphical methods, diagnostics and validation, and choice modeling.


PhD in Statistics at the University of Minnesota (2001).
MSc in Statistics at the University of Minnesota (1998).
BSc in Economics and Statistics at the University of Birmingham, UK (1992).


Pardoe, I (2008). Modeling home prices using realtor data. Journal of Statistics Education 16(2), online.
Pardoe, I. and D. K. Simonton (2008). Applying discrete choice models to predict Academy Award winners. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, 171(2), 375-394.
Gelman, A. and I. Pardoe (2007). Average predictive comparisons for models with nonlinearity, interactions, and variance components. Sociological Methodology 37(1), 23-51.
Pardoe, I. and R. D. Cook (2007). A graphical diagnostic for variance functions. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics 49(3), 241-250.
Pardoe, I., X. Yin, and R. D. Cook (2007). Graphical tools for quadratic discriminant analysis. Technometrics 49(2), 172-183.
Gelman, A. and I. Pardoe (2006). Bayesian measures of explained variance and pooling in multilevel (hierarchical) models. Technometrics, 48(2) 241-251.
Pardoe, I. and R. R. Weidner (2006). Sentencing convicted felons in the United States: a Bayesian analysis using multilevel covariates (with discussion). Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 136(4) 1433-1472.
Pardoe, I (2005). Just how predictable are the Oscars? Chance 18(4), 32-39.
Pardoe, I. (2004). Multidimensional scaling for selecting small groups in college courses. The American Statistician 58(4), 317-321.
Durham, C. A., I. Pardoe, and E. Vega (2004). A methodology for evaluating how product characteristics impact choice in retail settings with many zero observations: an application to restaurant wine purchase. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 29(1), 112-131.
Pardoe, I. (2004). Model assessment plots for multilevel logistic regression. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 46(2), 295-307.
Weidner, R. R., R. Frase, and I. Pardoe (2004). Explaining sentence severity in large urban counties: a multilevel analysis of contextual and case-level factors. The Prison Journal 84(2), 184-207.
Pardoe, I. and R. D. Cook (2002). A graphical method for assessing the fit of a logistic regression model. The American Statistician 56(4), 263-272.
Pardoe, I. (2001). A Bayesian sampling approach to regression model checking. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics 10(4), 617-627.
Cook, R. D. and I. Pardoe (2000). Comment on "Bayesian backfitting" by T. J. Hastie and R. J. Tibshirani. Statistical Science, 15(3). 213-216.
Pardoe, I. and R. D. Cook (2000). Sampling to assess the fit of regression models. Joint Newsletter for the Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences and the Quality and Productivity Section of the American Statistical Association 6(1), 10-11.

Employment History

Current: Instructor for Thompson Rivers University Open Learning, Pennsylvania State University World Campus, and The Institute for Statistics Education.
I was formerly an Associate Professor of Decision Sciences in the Charles H. Lundquist College of Business at the University of Oregon (2001-2009) and a UK Government Statistician (1993-1996).

Courses Taught

Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
Regression Analysis
Resource Statistics
Business Statistics
Data Mining
Multivariate Statistical Methods


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