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Ginny Ratsoy

Name: Associate Professor Ginny Ratsoy
Phone: (250) 828-5238


Contemporary Canadian Literature
Indigenous Literatures in Canada
Writing for General Audiences
Social Justice in Canada
Canadian Theatre

Research Interests

Indigenous Theatre
British Columbia Drama
Experiential Learning and Alternative Pedagogies
Ecocriticism and Place Studies
Small Mid-Sized Cities
Third Age Learning
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning


M.A., University of Windsor, English Language and Literature.
B.Ed., University of Windsor, English and History Concentration.
Honours B.A., University of Windsor, English Language and Literature


Books Co-Written

Lyn Baldwin, Nancy Flood, Kim Naqvi, Ginny Ratsoy, and Elizabeth Templeman. Place-based Education: An Inter and Multidisciplinary Approach. Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. 2017.

Books Edited and Co-edited

Garrett-Petts, W.F., James Hoffman, and Ginny Ratsoy. Whose Culture Is It, Anyway? Community Engagement in Small Cities. Vancouver: New Star, 2014.

Ratsoy, Ginny, ed. Theatre in British Columbia. Toronto: Playwrights Canada Press, 2006.

Gagnon, Anne, Will Garrett-Petts, James Hoffman, Henry Hubert, Terry Kading, Kelly Anne Maddox, and Ginny Ratsoy, eds. The Last Best West: An Exploration of Myth, Identity, and Quality of Life in Western Canada. Vancouver: New Star, 2009.

Ratsoy, Ginny, and James Hoffman, eds. Playing the Pacific Province: An Anthology of British Columbia Plays, 1967-2000. Toronto: Playwrights Press, 2001.

Journal Issues Edited and Co-edited

Ratsoy, Ginny. The Small Cities Imprint: The Professional Theatres Issue. 4:1 (2012). Web.

Hubert, Henry, Anne Gagnon, Terry Kading, Virginia Ratsoy, and Martin Whittles. Textual Studies in Canada 17 (Summer 2004).

Selected Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Ratsoy, Ginny. The Kamloops Adult Learners Society: Leadership through Organic Partnerships and Knowledge Support in the Small City. Ed. Terry Kading. No Straight Lines: Local Leadership and the Path from Government to Government in Small Cities.Calgary: U of C Press, 2018: 175-204. *

Kading, Cooke, Farough, Reid, Besanger, Ratsoy, and Block. Leadership Initiatives and Community-Engaged research: Explorations and Critical Insights on ???Leadership and Learning in the Small City of Kamloops.Ed. Terry Kading.No Straight Lines: Local Leadership and the Path from Government to Government in Small Cities.Calgary: U of C Press, 2018: 227-284. *

Ratsoy, G. The Role of Faculty in Connecting Canadian Undergraduate Arts and Humanities Students to Scholarly Inquiries into Teaching: A Case for Purposeful Experiential Learning. The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. 7:1 (June 2016).*. Accessed at

The Roles of Canadian Universities in Heterogeneous Third-Age Learning: A Call for Transformation.Canadian Journal of Higher Education. 46:1. 2016.76-90. Web.*

Voicing Nature in the British Columbia Interior: A Place Back in the Midst of Time in Kevin Loring's Where the Blood Mixes. Ed. Birgit Dawes and Marc Maufort. Enacting Nature: Ecocritical Perspectives on Indigenous Performance. Brussels: P.I.E Peter Lang, 2014: 135-49. *

"Interculturalism and Theatrefront: Shifting Meanings in Canadian Collective Creation." Theatre Research in Canada. 33:2 (2012). 37-55. Print.*

Baldwin, Lyn, Tina Block, Lisa Cooke, Ila Crawford, Kim Naqvi, Ginny Ratsoy, Elizabeth Templeman,Tom Waldichuk. "Affective Teaching: The Place of Place in Interdisciplinary Studies." Transformative Dialogues 6:3 (April 2013). Web. *

Class Participation in an Aboriginal Theatre Project: An Exemplar of Undergraduate Student Engagement.Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. 1:3 (2011). Web.*

The Small City as Classroom: Academic Service Learning Participants Reflect.Transformative Dialogues: Teaching and Learning Journal 2:2 (November 2008). Web.*

The Creation of Shifting Local Identities: Historically-Based Theatre in a Canadian Small City. Signatures of the Past: Cultural Memory in Contemporary Anglophone North American Drama. Eds. Marc Maufort and Caroline DeWagter. Brussels: Peter Lang, 2008: 223-233. Print.

Ratsoy, Ginny. Away from Home, or Finding Yourself Back in Kamloops: Literary Representations of the Small City.The Small Cities Book . Ed. WF Garrett-Petts. Vancouver: New Star Books, 2005: 205-218. Print.*

*Indicates refereed publications.

Employment History

Thompson Rivers University 1980-present.
University of Erfurt,Germany (guest professor) Spring, 2002.
Frederick Schiller University, Germany (guest professor) Spring, 2002.
University of British Columbia (Kamloops Campus, NITEP Program) 1981-1983.
St. Clair College, Windsor ON 1976-1980.

Selected Awards and Distinctions

TRU Undergraduate Student Research Mentor Award, 2016 Inaugural TRU Provost's Fellow, Teaching and Learning 2013-2015
TRU Master Teacher Award 2011
UCC Distinguished Service Award
UCC Master Teacher Award

Courses Taught

English 1100, 1110,1140, 1210, 2040, 2110, 2160, 2170, 2180, 2190, 2210, 2270, 2400, 2410, 3350, 4260 and 4470; Canadian Studies 2000, 2420 and 3120; Service Learning 3000 and 4000; Research Learning 4000; several Careers English courses.

English 4260 sections include Modern Canadian Drama, Humour and Satire in Canadian Literature, British Columbia Literature, and Nature in Canadian Literature.
I also developed and taught a section of English 1210 for the Aboriginal Teacher Education Consortium and a section of English 1100 for the Aboriginal TRU Start progam.

I was the course writer for English 1031 for the TRU Opening Learning Division and a course consultant for OL's English 1021 and 4321.

Professional Affiliations

Canadian Association for Theatre Research


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