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Che-Hui (Eric) Lien

Name: Dr. Che-Hui (Eric) Lien
Position: Professor
Phone: 250-3776149

Research Interests

Services Marketing, Market Segmentation, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Branding, Cross-Culture Marketing, Retailing in the Emerging Markets


1. Ph.D., Marketing
Sprott School of Business (AACSB Accredited)
Carleton University, Canada

2. MBA, International Trade
Graduate Institute of International Trade
College of Commerce (AACSB & EQUIS Accredited)
National ChengChi University, Taiwan

3. BBA, Statistics
Department of Statistics
College of Management (AACSB Accredited)
National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan


Referred Journal Publications

(1) Lien Che-Hui, Maxwell K. Hsu, Jing-Zhi Shang, Stephen W. Wang (accepted, forthcoming, 2019). Self-service technology adoption by air passengers: a case study of fast air travel services in Taiwan. The Service Industries Journal (SSCI; IF=1.258; ABDC: B)

(2) Chu Shu-Chuan, Lien Che-Hui, Cao Yang (2019). Electronic Word-of-Mouth (eWOM) on WeChat: Examining the Influence of Sense of Belonging, Consumer Engagement, and Need for Self-Enhancement on Chinese Travelers' eWOM. International Journal of Advertising, 38(1): 26-49. (SSCI; IF=2.451; ABDC: B)

(3) Lien Che-Hui, Wu Jyh-Jeng, Hsu Maxwell, & Wang Wen-Hung (2018). Positive Moods and Word-of-Mouth in Banking Services: A Moderated Mediation Model of Perceived Value and Relational Benefits. International Journal of Bank Marketing, 36(4): 764-783 (SSCI; IF=2.294; ABDC: B)

(4) Lien Che-Hui, Wu Jyh-Jeng, Chien Shu-Hua, & Lee Chueh-Yi (2017). Anxious Attachment, Relational Embeddedness, Trust, Co-production, and Performance: An Empirical Study in Online Business-to-Business Relationships. Telematics and Informatics, 34(8): 1514-1523. (SSCI, IF: 3.398)

(5) Yeh I-Cheng & Lien Che-Hui (2017). Growth and Value Hybrid Valuation Model Based on Mean Reversion, Applied Economics, 49(50): 5092-5116. (SSCI; ABDC: A)

(6) Lien Che-Hui, Cao Yang, & Zhou Xing (2017). Service Quality, Satisfaction, Stickiness, and Usage Intentions: An Exploratory Evaluation in the Context of WeChat Services. Computers in Human Behavior, 68(March):403-410. (SSCI, IF: 2.88; ABDC: B)

(7) Wu, Jyh-Jeng, Lien Che-Hui, Mohiuddin Muhammad, Chien Shu-Hua, & Yang Xin-Jiao (2016). The Effects of Smartphone Users??? Core Self-Evaluations and Stickiness on Intentions to Download Free Social Media Apps. Journal of Decision Systems, 25(3): 263-272. (EI; ABDC: B)

(8) Lien Che-Hui, Wen Miin-Jye, Huang Li-Ching, & Wu Kuo-Lung Wu (2015). Online Hotel Booking: The Effects of Brand Image, Price, Trust, and Value on Purchase Intentions. Asia Pacific Management Review, 20(4): 210-218. (TSSCI; ABDC: C) (The most downloaded APMR paper)

(9) Yeh I-Cheng, Lien Che-Hui, & Ting Tao-Ming (2015). Building Multi-Factor Stock Selection Models Using Balanced Split Regression Trees with Sorting Normalization and Hybrid Variables. International Journal of Foresight and Innovation Policy, 11(1): 48-74. (ABDC: C)

(10) Lien Che-Hui & Cao Yang (2014). Examining WeChat Users??? Motivations, Attitudes, Trust, and Positive WOM: Evidence from China. Computers in Human Behavior, 41(December):104-111. (SSCI, IF: 2.88; ABDC: B)

(11) Lien Che-Hui, Wu Jyh-Jeng, Chen Ying-Hueih, & Wang Chang-Jhan (2014). Trust Transfer and the Effect of Service Quality on Trust in the Healthcare Industry. Managing Service Quality, 24(4):.399-416. (SSCI; ABDC: A) (Give permission to American Psychological Association to reproduce the measures of Table 2 (p. 407-408) on PsycTESTS)

(12) Song Wei, Lien Che-Hui, & Gill Avninder (2011). A Preliminary Consumer Study on the Beef Market in Canada. International Journal of Strategic Change Management, 3(4): 323-335. (ABDC: C)

(13) Lien Che-Hui, Wen Miin-Jye, & Wu Chung-Cheng (2011). Investigating the Relationships among E-Service Quality, Perceived Value, Satisfaction, and Behavioral Intentions in Taiwanese Online Shopping. Asia Pacific Management Review, 16(3): 211-223. (TSSCI; ABDC: C)

(14) Yeh I-Cheng, Lien Che-Hui, & Tsai Yi-Chen (2011). Evaluation Approach to Stock Trading System Using Evolutionary Computation. Expert Systems with Applications, 38(1): 794-803. (SCI, IF: 2.981)

(15) Yeh I-Cheng, Lien Che-Hui, Ting Tao-Ming, Wang Yi-Yun, & Tu Chin-Ming (2010). Cosmetics Purchasing Behavior- An Analysis Using Association Reasoning Neural Networks. Expert Systems with Applications, 37(10): 7219-7226. (SCI, IF: 2.981)

Courses Taught

Marketing Research, Business-to-Business Marketing, International Marketing, Advanced Marketing Management (MBA), Marketing Management (MBA), Introduction to Marketing, Services Marketing, Retail Management, International Business, Strategic Management


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