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Ehsan Latif

Name: Dr. Ehsan Latif
Position: Full Professor and Chair
Phone: 377-6026


Serving community is my passion. Currently, I am Chair of the Department of Economics. I am also involved in a number of university wide committees in TRU including the Senate of Thompson Rivers University, the Academic Planning and Priorities Committee of Senate, the Research Ethics Board of TRU,and the Steering Committee of Senate. Currently, I am Chair of the Steering Committee of Senate. I served the Thompson Rivers University Faculty Association (TRUFA) as a member of the executive committee and also as a member of bargaining team for about 10 years.

Research Interests

Socio economic determinants of health and obesity
Economics of aging such as labor supply of older population and retirement
Economics of immigration
Economics of energy
Economics of happiness and wellbeing
Economic Education


Ph.D.: Department of Economics, University of Manitoba.
MA ( International Development): International University of Japan.
MSS ( Economics): University of Dhaka.
BSS (Hons.) in Economics: University of Dhaka.


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Employment History

2002- Faculty, Department of Economics, Thompson Rivers University.
1999-2002: Sessional Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Manitoba.
1993-1998: Faculty, Department of Economics, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Courses Taught

GBUS 505: Global Economics ( MBA)
Econ 3840: Economics of Health
Econ 3610: The Economics of Gender
Econ 3600: Labor Economics
Econ 3330: Economic and Business Statistics 2
Econ 3320: Economic and Business Statistics 1
Econ 1950: Principles of Macroeconomics
Econ 1900: Principles of Microeconomics
Econ 3040: Managerial Economics
Econ 1220: Introduction to Basic Economics
Econ 3690: Business Research Methodology

Professional Affiliations

Member, American Economic Association
Member, Administrative Science Association of Canada


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