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Donna Murnaghan

Name: Dr. Donna Murnaghan
Position: Dean & Professor
Phone: 250-852-7288


Dr. Donna Murnaghan is the Dean and Professor of Nursing at Thompson Rivers University. She is a member of Deans & Directors of Health Care BC, Nurse Educators Council BC, Canadian Association School of Nursing. Previously she was Director of PEI Health Research Institute, founding member of the National Alliance of Provincial Health Research Organizations, Chair of Board of Health PEI, President of the PEI Division of the Canadian Cancer Society and Board of Directors for the Canadian Cancer Society.
Her interests are in leadership, systems change, nursing education, research and improving the health and well being of the population.

Research Interests

Her area of research expertise is in prevention of chronic disease by working with youth population in areas of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, physical activity, healthy eating and mental fitness. She is Co-PI of the Comprehensive School Health Research Unit since 2007. She was Director of the PEI Health Research Institute from 2003- 2009 where she was responsible for building, supporting and mentoring faculty research.
Her research funding is in excess of $25,000,000 funding from PEI Government, Health Canada, Canadian Institute Health Research, and the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer,


She is a Registered Nurse with a completed BN (UNB), MN (Dalhousie), and PhD (University Helsinki, Finland ) in area of Primary Health Care and Quality improvement in Health Care. Dr. Murnaghan has been teaching nursing for over 30 years and brings leadership in theory, practice and research. Her teaching expertise is in areas of nursing theory, leadership, research, advanced nursing practice, chronic disease, population health and primary prevention.


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Employment History

2013- Present Dean & Professor, School of Nursing, Thompson Rivers University
1997-2013 Associate Professor, School of Nursing, University Prince Edward Island
2011-2012 Acting Dean, School of Nursing, University Prince Edward Island
2003-2009 Director Programs and Partnerships, PEI Health Research Institute
1992- 1997, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing University Prince Edward Island
1978-1992 Nursing Instructor, School of Nursing PEI School of nursing
1975-1978 Nurse Charlottetown Hospital, Prince Edward Island

Courses Taught

Nursing 611 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing
Nursing 404 Conceptual Models and Nursing Theory
Nursing 402 Advanced Nursing practice
Nursing 401 Nursing and Population Health
Nursing 304 Nursing Research
Nursing 323 Partnerships with Clients and Families Experiencing Chronic Illness
Nursing 203 Health Assessment
Nursing 102 Nursing and Health Care
Nursing 101 The Nature of Nursing

Professional Affiliations

Canadian Nurses Association
Canada Registered Nurses British Columbia
Canadian Association Schools of Nursing
Canadian Patient Safety Institute
Nurse Educators Council British Columbia


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