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Bala Nikku

Name: Dr Bala Nikku
Position: Assistant Professor
Affiliation: Education & Social Work
Phone: 250-828-5242


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Bala Nikku, PhD hails from an agricultural family in India. Bala Joined Thompson Rivers University School of Social Work and Human Service as an Assistant Professor in 2018. Dr. Nikku served in the academia and grassroots social work practice in India, Nepal, Malaysia and held adjunct positions in the UK and Thailand. He served as founding director of the Nepal School of Social Work (2005- 2011).

I have been a social work and social policy teaching faculty, researcher and practitioner for the last 20 years. I bring an interdisciplinary, racial and cultural safety to my work space and classrooms. I had the opportunity to collaborate a diverse group to carry out research projects that are curiosity driven and find solutions that empower communities.

As an interdisciplinary policy researcher, I am interested in politics of policies (disasters, health, poverty) and their framing and implementation on the ground. My research focus continues to be on South Asia a dynamic but fragmented, resource poor, culturally diverse region. I am currently part of a research collective ( and interested in applying rights-based approaches to human displacement. We are currently involved in book projects and covid19 epidemic management and analyzing whether the current regional frameworks are adequate enough to protect the rights of epidemic victims and internally displaced persons.

Research Interests

International Social Work, Green Social Work, Disasters and Epidemics, Community engagement, Health equity action framework, Scholarship of teaching and learning, Decolonization, intercultural studies, Race and immigration, comparative social policy, curricular innovations


Ph.D. in Social Sciences, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, 2006

Post Graduate Diploma in Planning (PGDipPlan), CEPT University, Gujarat, India, 1999

Training in Environmental Education (TEE), Centre for Environment Education, Gujarat, 1997

Master of Arts in Social Work (MASW), Acharya Nagarjuna University, A.P, India, 1994


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Peer Reviewed Journal Publications:

Nikku, B. R., & Rafique, Z. (2019). Empowering people: Role for political social work in South Asia. International Social Work, 62(2): 877-891.

Jafar, M., Hatta, Z. A., & Nikku, B. R. (2018). Integrating welfare economics in social work curriculum: a Malaysian case. Social Work Education, 37(5): 652-664.

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Book Chapters:

Nikku B.R. (2020) Building Disaster-Resilient Communities. In: Todd S., Drolet J. (eds) Community Practice and Social Development in Social Work. Social Work. Springer, Singapore

Nikku, B. R. (2020). Hidden privatization in higher education of Nepal, In Higher Education in Nepal: Policies and Perspectives, in (Ed.) Bista, K; Sharma, S and Raby, R. London: Routledge.

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Employment History

Assistant Professor, Thompson Rivers University, School of Social Work and Human Service, Faculty of Education and Social Work ( 2018-present)

Sr. University Lecturer, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), School of Social Sciences, Penang, Malaysia (2012-2018(Jan)

COFUND Senior Research Fellow, IHRR and at Trevelyan College, Durham University,UK (Jan-April, 2016)

Founding Director, Nepal School of Social Work (2005-2012)

Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Social Administration, Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand (2009)

Head, Department of Social Work, St. Xavier's College, Kathmandu, Nepal (2005-2007)

Courses Taught

Thompson Rivers University (2018 to Present)

SOCW 4800 : International Social Work
SOCW 4600 : Special Topics in Social Work (Green Social Work)
SOCW 4550 : Social Work Practice with Communities
SOCW 4500 : Leadership Practice in Social Service

Universiti Sains Malaysia ( 2012-2017)

Advanced Social Work Theories with Individuals and families (SSW501)
Social Policy and Social Services (SSW503)
Integrated Social Work Seminar (SSW504)
Social Work Education (SSW505)
Social Services Management (SSW507)
Comparative Social Policy in Asia (SAA556)
Policy and Social Planning ( Dasar Dan Perancangan Sosial) SSW 322E (for BSW)

Nepal School of Social Work ( 2005-2011)

History and Philosophy of Social Work (HPS113)
Social Work Practicum and Skills Lab (SWP112)
Community Organisation (COM123)
Neighbourhood Study Camp (NHC121)
Social Work Profession: History, Philosophy and Methods (SWH114)
Community Organisation (COM 124)
Social Action (SOA123)
Family and Social Work (FSW122)

Professional Affiliations

Teaching Fellow, Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (2019-2020), Thompson Rivers University

Co-Chair, Human Rights Committee (2019-2021), TRUFA

Member of the CASWE- The Canadian Association for Social Work Education (2018)

Member at Large, Executive Board of International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW)2012-2016

Member, Disaster and Climate Change Committee and member of the Census Committee of IASSW (2014-2017)

Associate Editor, Social Work Education: The International Journal, Routledge

Editorial Board Member, International Social Work Journal, Sage

Editorial Board Member, Practice: Social Work in Action, Published on behalf of the British Association of Social Workers, Routledge

Editorial Board Member, Journal of Education and Educational Development, Department of Education, College of Economics and Social Development, Pakistan


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