Thompson Rivers University

Andrew Park

Name: Dr. Andrew Park
Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 250-828-5053

Research Interests

*Information Visualization and Visual Analytics on Big Data (Crime and Court Data)
*Virtual Environments for Social Science Research (Criminology and Gerontology)
*Human-Computer Interaction for Virtual Environments
*Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation (Crowd Simulation) for Counter-Terrorism
*Social Network Analysis and Visualization
*Computational Criminology (Fear of Crime and CPTED)


*Ph.D. (Interactive Arts and Technology) at Simon Fraser University under the supervision of Dr. Tom Calvert (Thesis title: Modeling the Role of Fear of Crime in Pedestrian Navigation)
*M.Sc. (Computer Science) at Loyola University Chicago
*B.Sc. (Mathematics) at Sogang University Seoul
*B.Sc. (Physics) at Sogang University Seoul


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*A. Park, J. Clare, V. Spicer, P.L. Brantingham, T. Calvert, and G. Jenion, "Examining context-specific perceptions of risk: exploring the utility of "human-in-the-loop" simulation models for criminology." Journal of Experimental Criminology, Vol. 8, No. 1. pp. 29-47(2012).
*A. J. Park, E. Hwang, V. Spicer, C. Cheng, P.L. Brantingham, and A. Sixsmith, "Testing Elderly People's Fear of Crime using a Virtual Environment." European Intelligence and Security Informatics 2011, Athens, Greece(2011).
*A. Park, J. Clare, V. Spicer, P. Brantingham, T. Calvert, and G. Jensen, "Virtual environments, decision-making, and fear of crime examining the interaction between cognition and criminology." Environmental Criminology and Crime Analysis Symposium 2010, Brisbane, Queensland(2010).
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*A. Park, T. Calvert, Patricia Brantingham, & Paul Brantingham. "Pedestrian Navigation in Virtual Environments." presented in CHI 2008 Workshop Urban Mixed Realities: Technologies, Theories and Frontiers, Florence, Italy(2008).
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*T. Donaldson, A. Park, & IL. Lin. "Emotional Pathfinding." In Advances in Artificial Intelligence, A.Y. Tawfik, S.D. Goodwin (eds). Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Springer: Berlin, pp. 31-43(2004).

Courses Taught

*Computer Programming I (COMP 1130)
*Introduction to Computer Systems (COMP 2130)
*Data Structure, Algorithm Analysis and Design (COMP 2230)
*Human-Computer Interaction Design (COMP 3450)
*Database Systems (COMP 3610)
*Computer Graphics and Visualization(COMP 3820)
*Multimedia (COMP 4830)
*Computer Animation (COMP 4980)
*Virtual Reality (COMP 4980)
*Introduction to Computing Science and Programming II
*Connecting with Computer Science (CSCI 101)
*Programming in Visual Basic 2008 (CMPT 110)
*Integrated Data Services and Networks (ITEC 224)
*Introduction to Information Theory (ITEC 223)
*Introduction to Programming (Java)
*Database Programming
*Advanced Java Programming
*Advanced C Programming
*Environmental Criminology (CRIM 352)

Professional Affiliations

*Senior Research Fellow at Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies(ICURS)


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