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Alex Ng

Name: Dr. Alex Ng
Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 250-852-6397


Teaching and Research
Volleyball, hockey, soccer and kayaking

Research Interests

Corporate Finance
International Finance
Sustainability and Ethics


2001 2007 Doctor of Business Administration (Finance), H.Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship, Nova Southeastern University. Florida

1994 1996 Master of Business Administration,
Ontario Agricultural College,University of Guelph, Ontario

1987 1992 Bachelor of Science in Agriculture,Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
University of British Columbia


Selected Publications...
Ng, Alex, and Di Zheng. (2017). Let's Agree to Disagree! on Payoffs and Green Tastes in Green Energy Investments. Forthcoming. Energy Economics (A*).

Ng, Alex. (2017). Acquisitions and Insider Trading: The Chinese Experience, Global Review of Accounting and Finance, Vol. 8. No. 1., Pages: 27 44. (ABDC, rank C)

Cheng, Quan and Ng, Alex. (2017). State Ownership, Governance and Financial Performance of Chinese State Owned Enterprises, Global Review of Accounting and Finance, Forthcoming September. (ABDC, rank C)

Ng, Alex and Cox, Raymond. (2016). "Corporate Takeovers in the US Oil and Gas Sector", Journal of Economic and Financial Studies, 04(01),24-34.

Ng, Alex and Han Donker. (2013). Purchasing Reserves and Market Timing as Takeover Motives in the Oil and Gas Industry, Energy Economics (impact factor =2.93), 37, 167-181.

Smyth, Marianne and Ng, Alex. (2012). Venture Capitalists??? Investment Decision-Making: A West Coast North American Exploratory Study, Journal of International Financial Studies, 12(1), lead article.

Alex Ng and Chris Olowolojolu. (2012). Sustainability: Do Green Companies Perform? Journal of International Financial Studies, 12(1).

Choi, Sungchul and Alex Ng. (2011). Environmental and Economic Dimensions of Sustainability and Price Effects on Consumer Responses, Journal of Business Ethics (Financial Times Top 40 Journal), 104(2), 269-282.

Sungchul Choi, Alex Ng and Sang-June Park. (2011). Purchase Decision: Sustainability and Mountain Pine Beetle Wood Concrete Products, Forest Products Journal,61(4), 333-339.

Ng, Alex. (2009). Growth Maximizing Acquisitions: Evidence from Frequent Acquirers, Journal of International Finance and Economics, 9(1), p1-15, lead article.

Ng, Alex, Ayse Yuce, and Eason Chen. (2009). State Equity Ownership and Firm Performance of China???s Newly Privatized Firms, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 17(4), 413-443.

Donker, Han and Alex Ng. (2008). Synergy Motivation and Target Ownership Structure: Effects on Takeover Performance, Journal of International Management Studies,3(2).

Ng, Alex. (2008). Wealth Effects of Canadian Financial Services Takeovers: Consolidation, Diversification and Foreign Evidence,American Journal of Finance and Accounting, 1(2), 194-212.

Ng, Alex and H. Young Baek. (2007). Free Cash Flow, Leverage, and Performance: Evidence from Canadian Acquisitions,Journal of International Finance and Economics, 5(1), 11-26.

Donker, Han, Alex Ng and Kal Rai. (2006). Proved or Probable Reserves: Does it Matter? An Empirical Study on Canadian Oil and Gas Companies,Petroleum Accounting and Financial Management Journal, Fall / Winter, 25(3), 94-102.

Ng, Alex and Ayse Yuce. (2006). Risk and Returns in Mergers and Acquisitions: Efficient or Agent Motivations,Journal of International Finance and Economics, 4(1), 103-115.

Ng, Alex and H. Young Baek. (2006). Canadian Corporate Governance and Merger and Acquisition Performance, Journal of International Business and Economics, 6(1), 142-151.

Yuce, Ayse and Ng, Alex. (2005). Effects of Private and Public Mergers,Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 22 (2), 111-125.

Ng, Alex and Ayse Yuce. (2003). Creating Wealth Through Mergers in Canada, Journal of Academy of Business and Economics, 1(1), 165-175.

Ng, Alex and Ayse Yuce. (2003). Wealth Creation in the Recent Merger Boom, the Canadian Evidence,Journal of Business and Economic Research, 1(11), 7-21.

Employment History

2017 Chair, Accounting and Finance
2013 present Associate Professor, Tenured
Thompson Rivers University

2009 2013 Associate Professor, Tenured
University of Northern British Columbia

2007 2009 Assistant Professor
University of Northern British Columbia

1999 2006 Lecturer
University of Northern British Columbia

Courses Taught

Master of Science, Finance and Accounting seminar
Master of Business Administration Courses:
Advanced Corporate Finance, TRU (BUSN 6210)
International Business (Comm 703)
Corporate Finance (Comm 620)
Financial Management (Comm 725)

Graduate MBA Project Supervisor from 2006-2013
Student Supervised 11 MBA student projects
UNBC Supervision MSc Thesis Supervisor, 2

International Financial Management (FNCE 4180)
Advanced Financial Management for Accountants (FNCE 4110)
Advanced Financial Management (FNCE 4130)
Introduction Financial Management (FNCE 3120)
Portfolio and Equity Analysis (FNCE 3150)

Special Topics in Finance, (Comm 499)
Finance Seminar, (Comm 498)
Cross-cultural Work Practices, (Comm 432)
Investments and Security Analysis, (Comm 321)
Personal Finance, (Comm 323)
Corporate Finance II, (Comm 320)
Corporate Finance I, (Comm 220)
JDC West Case Competition, 2007-2011

Professional Affiliations

CPA-CGA, Certified General Accountants Association of Canada

2005 Financial Management International: National Honor Society member


Description Day Start End
Office hours Wednesday 1:00 PM 3:00 PM
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