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Xiaoping Shi

Xiaoping Shi

Xiaoping Shi

Name: Xiaoping Shi
Position: Assistant professor
Phone: 1-250-8285226


Music, Sports, Games, Art, Hiking

Research Interests

Saddlepoint approximation; Composite likelihood inference; Variable selection and asymptotic analysis; Graph-based change-point detection; Image denoising


2011/11-2013/7 Post-doctorate, Statistics, University of Toronto
Supervisors: Nancy Reid
2008/9-2011/11 Doctorate, Statistics, York University
Supervisors: Yuehua Wu
2005/9-2008/7 Master's Thesis, Statistics, University of Science and Technology of China
Supervisors: Baiqi Miao
1998/9-2002/7 Bachelor's, Applied Mathematics, Chongqing University
Supervisors: Wei Huang



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1. Xiaoping Shi, Yuehua Wu, Baiqi Miao. (2009). Strong convergence rate of estimators of change point and its application. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis. 53(4): 990-998.

Employment History

2016/7-2021/6 Adjunct Member
Mathematics and Statistics, York University

2015/7- Assistant Professor
Mathematics and Statistics, Thompson Rivers University

2014/8-2015/5 Assistant Professor
Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, St. Francis Xavier University

2013/7-2014/5 Instructor
Mathematics and Statistics, York University

2002/7-2008/8 Instructor
Mathematics, Hefei University of Technology

Courses Taught

Winter 2017 (TRU): STAT 1200 (Introduction to Statistics); STAT 3050 (Introduction to Statistical Inference)

Fall 2016 (TRU): STAT 2000 (Introduction to Statistics)

Winter 2016 (TRU): STAT 1200 (Introduction to Statistics); STAT 3060 (Applied Regression Analysis)

Fall 2015 (TRU): STAT 2000 (Introduction to Statistics)

Winter 2015 (StFX): STAT201 (Elementary Statistics); STAT331 (Survey Sampling Design); STAT331 (Statistical Methods)

Fall 2014 (StFX): STAT201 (Elementary Statistics); STAT231 (Statistics for Students in the Sciences); STAT333 (Introductory Probability Theory)

Summer 2013 (U of T): STA261H1S (Probability and Statistics II)

Winter 2014 (YorkU): MATH1131 (Introduction to Statistics I); MATH2570 (Elementary Statistics II)

Fall 2013 (YorkU): MATH3330 (Regression Analysis); MATH2560 (Elementary Statistics I)

Summer 2013 (YorkU): MATH3330 (Regression Analysis)