Tinille McKenzie-Wyatt AHT, RVT VTS(ECC)

Tinille McKenzie-Wyatt AHT, RVT VTS(ECC)

Tinille McKenzie-Wyatt AHT, RVT VTS(ECC)

Name: Tinille McKenzie-Wyatt AHT, RVT VTS(ECC)
Position: Course Lecturer
Email: tmckenziewyatt@tru.ca


in veterinary medicine- emergency & critical care
in general- gardening, reading, looking after the kids!


AHT Diploma from TRU (when it was the University College of the Cariboo) (1996)

1 year internship at the AMC in NYC (1998)

1 month externship (equine)in Littleton, Colorado(1998)

VTS(ECC) (2003)

Employment History

I have teched in both Alberta (8 years) and on Vancouver Island. I have worked in general practices, emergency hospitals and in an equine surgery and lameness practice for a boarded surgeon

Now my profession has taken me into a teaching position in the Animal Health Technology distance program for TRU. I have been teaching in the program since 2008 and teach a variety of courses.

Courses Taught

Animal Nursing I- ANHD 1120- Lecturer
Animal Nursing II- ANHD 2120- Co-Lecturer
Animal Nursing III- ANHD 3170- Co-Lecturer
Radiology- ANHD 2130- Co-Lecturer
Pharmacology & Laboratory Math- ANHD 2140- Lecturer
Animal Disease and Immunology ANHD 2150- Lecturer
Anatomy & Physiology I- ANHD 1100- Lecturer
Anatomy & Physiology II- ANHD 2100- Lecturer
Hematology 2110- Co-Lecturer
Intensive Care 3120- Lecturer

Professional Affiliations

Member of:
BCVTA- BC Veterinary Technologists Association
VECCS- Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society
AVECCT- Academy of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Technicians
CAAHT- The Canadian Association of Animal Health Technologists and Technicians