Terryl Atkins

Terryl Atkins

Terryl Atkins

Name: Terryl Atkins
Phone: 377-6060
Email: tatkins@tru.ca

Research Interests

My research can be thought of as three overlapping constellations of interests. The first includes the phenomenology of imagination and consciousness in its relationship to the process of art making, embodiment in relation to perception and the historical development and evolution pictorial space. The second involves various aspects of art and insanity including the epistemological and ontological nature of the imaging processes of schizophrenics and autistics, the history of insanity and a critical evaluation of the practice of art therapies. The third area of research interest involves art institutions and contemporary art practices.


Terryl Atkins, received her honours BFA (with distinction) and MFA from the University of Victoria and is currently working on an interdisciplinary Phd. The major concentration of the Ph.D. programme and dissertation are in the areas of theories of imagination, imaginative generativity and its relationship to drawn images, embodiment in relation to human agency and perception, the evolution of pictorial space, the epistemological and ontological nature of the imaging processes of schizophrenics and autistics, as well as the critical evaluation of the practice of art as therapy.


Published catalogue essays on contemporary art include Inventing Space(s): Three Artistsa?? Interventions in the White Cube for the Surrey Art Gallery on the process of imagination in art (2003) and Boys and Boxes for a documentary photographic exhibition by Ian McDonald of the tradesmen working at the Teck Cominco copper mine in central British Columbia (2007).

Employment History

Terryl has taught at Lakehead University, Camosun College, University of Victoria and currently teaches Visual Culture, Photography, Curatorial Studies, Drawing and Theory at Thompson Rivers University.

Courses Taught

Courses taught at TRU (UCC)
FINA 112-3 2D Foundations (3,1,0)
VISA 104-3 Photographic Fundamentals (3,1,0)
VISA 121-3 (FINA 113) Drawing 1 (3,1,0)
VISA 150-3 (FINA 150) Introduction to Visual Culture (3,0,0)
VISA 271-3 (FINA 176) Introduction To Photography 1 (3,1,0)
VISA 272-3 (FINA 186) Introduction To Photography 2 (3,1,0)
VISA 301-3 (FINA 320) Gallery Studies: Exhibition Curating (2,1,0)
VISA 304-3 (FINA 323) Gallery Studies: Public Art (2,1,0)
VISA 313-3 (FINA 341) Critical Studies in Photographic Histories (3,0,0)
VISA 491-12 (FINA 411) Directed Studies: Studio
VISA 492-12 (FINA 412) Directed Studies: Gallery Studies
VISA 499-6 (FINA 413) Graduating Seminar (1,2,0)