Susan Duncan

Susan Duncan

Susan Duncan

Name: Dr. Susan Duncan
Position: Professor
Affiliation: School of Nursing
Phone: 828-5476


Policy analysis, advocacy and leadership in nursing, health and education
Capacity development in research and scholarship
Aboriginal health, students and pedagogy
Leadership, management and systems change
Public health nursing education
Primary health care
Nursing history

Research Interests

Susan Duncan's program of research is integrated with her teaching and community service in the areas of:

Policy analysis and leadership
Scholarship capacity building
Nursing education
Aboriginal nursing students, nursing education and cultural safety
Population / community health research, partnerships

Susan disseminates her work in a variety of ways including refereed presentations and publications as well as local community gatherings, public media and workshops.


PhD (Nursing) University of Alberta
MSN (Clinical Specialization Public Health Nursing) University of British Columbia
BScN University of Alberta



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Duncan, S. (2015). Chapter 20: Collective Nursing Advocacy. In Lyle Grant (Ed). Leading and Managing Nursing in Canada, (1st Ed.). Toronto: Elsevier.

Duncan, S. (2013). Chapter 26 ??? Looking back, moving forward: The promise of nursing in the 21st century. In M. McIntyre and C. McDonald. Realities of Canadian Nursing: Professional, Practice and Power Issues. (4th Ed). Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer / Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins).

Employment History

Susan Duncan has experience as a faculty member and leadership experience as an academic dean of the nursing program in the context of the institution's transition to a university. Currently she provides consultation in the areas of higher education, nursing education policy and leadership. She has represented the university as a delegate to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and has participated in developing research policy in the institution's transition to a university.

Susan Duncan has experience in public / community health nursing practice, research and education.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate BSN

Nursing Fundamentals
Family Nursing Theory and Practice
Community Health Nursing Theory and Practice
Population Focused Nursing Theory and Practice
Health Promoting Nursing Practice
Health Promotion Theory
Nurses Influencing Change Theory and Practice
Nursing Inquiry
Nursing Research

Graduate Teaching MSN Program (University of British Columbia School of Nursing)

Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice

Professional Affiliations

Appointed Member of the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing Task Force on Public Health Nursing Entry to Practice Competencies and Practice Education Resources. (2013 Present)

President: Association of Registered Nurses of British Columbia, May 2012-June 2013.

Member: Board of Directors, Canadian Nurses Association, 2011-2013.

Member: Board of Directors, Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing, 2006-2010.

Member: Canadian Public Health Association.

Public Health Nursing Advisory Committee
Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing

Interim Inaugural Board, Association of Registered Nurses of BC (ARNBC)2010-2012

Chair: Nursing Education Council of British Columbia (2006-2008)