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Roger Yu

Roger Yu

Roger Yu

Name: Dr. Roger Yu
Position: Full Professor
Affiliation: Shandong Uni (China)
Phone: 250-371-5552


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Reading; badminton; down-hill skiing; hunting

Research Interests

Graph Theory, Discrete Optimization and Mathematical Modeling


PhD, 1991, Major: Discrete Math, Simon Fraser University, Canada

MSc, 1985, Major: Operations Research, Shandong University, China


Selected Publications (2010-2016)
Due to space limitation (only 4000 characters allowed). A list of selected recent publications is given below. For the complete list from 2004 to present, please go to link

[1] M. Kano, H. Lu and Q. L. Yu, Component factors with large components in graphs, Applied Math. Letters, 23 (2010) 385-389.
[2] T. Wang and Q. L. Yu, A conjecture on k-factor-critical and 3-dominating-critical graphs, Science in China, Series A, Vol. 53, No. 5, (2010), 1385-1391.
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[9] H. Lu and Q. L. Yu, The general fractional f-factor numbers of graphs, Applied Math. Letters, 24 (2011) 519-523.
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[19] Y. Zhang, Q. L. Yu and G. Liu, Edge disjoint Hamilton cycles in intersection graphs of bases of matroids, Utilitas Math., 90 (2013), 327-334.
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[23] Y. Zan, J. Wu, P. Li and Q. L. Yu, SICR rumor spreading model in complex networks: considering the self-resistance of networks for rumors, Physica A, 405 (2014) 159-170.
[24] Y. J. Wu and Q. L. Yu, Uniformly weighted star-factors of graphs, Ars Combinatorica, 113 (2014) 391-404.
[25] M. D. Plummer, T. Wang and Q. L. Yu, Matching extension and cyclic connectivity, Graphs and Combin., Vol. 30, No. 4 (2014) 1003-1011.
[26] Y. H. Duan and Q. L. Yu, Double-twist wheel is Tutte-polynomial unique, Acta Math. Scientia, Series A, (accepted).
[27] H. Lu and Q. Yu, Generalization of matching extensions in graphs (IV): Closure, Graphs and Combin. (accepted).

Employment History

Full Professor, Thompson Rivers University, Canada, 2001-present;
Associate Professor, Thompson Rivers University, Canada, 1999-2001;
Adjunct Professor, Simon Fraser University, Canada, 1991-2006;
Senior Research Fellow, Center for Combinatorics, Nankai University, China, 2003-2009;
Adjunct Professor, Shandong University, China, 2009-2017.
Adjunct Professor, University of Newcastle, Australia, 2009-2013;
Assistant Professor, Thompson Rivers University (formerly UCC), Canada, 1991-1999;
Instructor, Simon Fraser University, Canada, 1991;
Assistant Professor, Shandong University, China, 1985-1986.

Courses Taught

In Winter/2016:
Math-1240 (Calculus II)