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Panagiotis (Peter) Tsigaris

Panagiotis (Peter) Tsigaris

Panagiotis (Peter) Tsigaris

Name: Dr. Panagiotis (Peter) Tsigaris
Position: Professor and Chair
Phone: 250-371-5732


Good company and fun with life.

Research Interests

Environmental Economics, Public Economics, Taxation Policy and Design, Decisions under Uncertainty, Education of Economics, Economics of Education.



Bachelor of Commerce, Masters of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy (Concordia University, Canada)

TRU Environmental Achievement Award, April 2014
TRU Chair Leadership Award, May 2014
Nominated for the 3M award, 2012
Master Teacher Award, Thompson Rivers University, 2012
Excellence in Research Award, Faculty Council of School of Business and Economics, 2011.
Nominated for the Distinguished Service Award, Thompson Rivers University, 2008
Teaching Excellence Award, Thompson Rivers University, 2007
Scholarly Activity Merit (Research) Award, Thompson Rivers University, 2007


Over 60 Refereed Domestic and International Conference Presentations and Invited Lectures.


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P. Tsigaris and J. Wood, (2016) "A Simple Integrated Assessment Model to illustrate to undergraduate students the economics of climate change," International Review of Economics Education. Volume 23, Pages 65-81

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Ahsan S. and P. Tsigaris, (1998), "The Design of a Consumption Tax under Capital Risk" Journal of Economics 68(1): 53-78.

Employment History

Full Professor, Thompson Rivers University, 2013 Onwards
Associate Professor of Economics, Thompson Rivers University, December 2006-2012
Assistant Professor of Economics, Thompson Rivers University, August 1999 December 2006
Full Time Lecturer, University College of the Cariboo, August 1993 August 1999
Part Time Lecturer, Concordia University, August 1983- August 1993

Courses Taught


Economics of Climate Change, Topics in the Economics of Education, Topics in Environmental Policy and Management, Environmental Economics, Cost Benefit Analysis, Global and Canadian Economic Issues, Issues in Public Finance, Economics of Taxation.


Canadian Financial Markets, International Macroeconomics and Finance, Time Series Analysis and Forecasting, International Financial Markets.


Introduction to Macroeconomics, Introduction to Microeconomics, Statistics for Business and Economics, Managerial Economics, Intermediate Microeconomics and Macroeconomic theory.

Professional Affiliations

American Economic Association
European Association of Environmental and Resource Economics
International Institute of Public Finance
Canadian Economic Association,
Canadian Public Policy Group.