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Mohamed Tawhid

Mohamed Tawhid

Mohamed Tawhid

Name: Dr. Mohamed Tawhid
Position: Full Professor
Phone: 250-377-6041


Teaching Interests:
Optimization (computations and theory), Differential Equations (ODE and PDE), Numerical Analysis, Operations Research, Calculus (all levels), Linear Algbera, Modeling and Simulation, Analysis, Applied Math ....

Research Interests

Nonlinear (Stochastic/Continuous) Optimization, Variational Inequalities and Complementarity problems, Mathematical Programming with Equilibrium Constraints, Metaheuristic Algorithms and Their Applications, Optimal Control, Neural Network, Wireless Sensor Network.

General Interests: Solving problems from our real life applications where I can use some tools from optimization, metaheuristic algorithms, numerical analysis, operations research and applied analysis. Recently, I have involved with two projects with two companies in BC through NSERC-Engages. The 1st project is Statistical Models for Social Network Analytics. The 2nd is Portfolio Management Investment System.


Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Management, McGill University (2000-2002)
Ph.D., University of Maryland Baltimore County, Applied Mathematics (2001)
M.Sc., University of Maryland Baltimore County, Applied Mathematics (1998)
M.Sc., Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Mathematics (1996)
B.Sc., Faculty of Science, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt, Applied Mathematics (1990)


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Courses Taught

Introduction to the History of Mathematics
Numerical Analysis
Differential equations I, II
Linear Algebra
Calculus I, II, III
Business Calculus I, II
Nonlinear optimization
Numerical Optimization
Operations Research
Operations Management
Simulations and Modeling