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Muhammad Mohiuddin

Muhammad Mohiuddin

Muhammad Mohiuddin

Name: Dr. Muhammad Mohiuddin
Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 250-828-5237


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Traveling,Reading,Hiking, National and International affaires.

Research Interests

Global value chain and its implications for emerging countries
Offshore outsourcing and knowledge transfer
Offshore outsourcing and developing dynamic capabilities
High-tech Born Global firms and their internationalization process: Exploitation vs. Exploration dilemma
Social entrepreneurship vs. Social Business
Immigrant entrepreneurship
Emerging country multinational (ECMs) and their internationalization process
Highly skilled immigrants and job market in Canada.


1. PhD in International Management. (Thesis topic: Towards Sustainable Offshore Outsourcing: An Empirical Study on Canadian Manufacturing Small and Medium Size Firms). Laval University, Quebec, Canada.

2. MBA (Masters in Business Administration), (2008), Laval University, Quebec, Canada.

3. DESA (Diplome des etudes Superieurs Approfondies) /MPhil in International Economics with thesis (1998-2002), publicly defended in 2002, University of Mohammed V, Rabat, Morocco, with collaboration of Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium.

4. Licence/BSc honors in Business Economics, (1994-1998), First class first in 1998, University of Mohammed V, Rabat, Morocco.


Selected Publications at peer reviewed journals:

1. Mohiuddin, M., Rashid, M.M., Al-Azad, M.S., & Su, Z. (2018). Back-shoring or Re-shoring: Manufacturing Offshoring from Emerging to Least Developing Countries (LDCs), International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications.
2.Mohiuddin, M., Mamun, A.A., Fazal, S.A., and Masud, M.M. (2018). Environmental Knowledge, Awareness and Business School Students??? Intention to Purchase Green Vehicles in Emerging Countries. Sustainability, 10 (5), 1543. [Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) Impact factor: 2.075].
3. Halilem, N., Amara, N., Olmos-Pe??uela, J., and Mohiuddin, M. (2017). ''To Own, or not to Own'' A multilevel analysis of intellectual property right policies' on academic entrepreneurship. Research Policy, (FT 50, ABDC: A*). SSCI Impact factor: 4.495.
4. Masud, M. M., Azam, M. N., Mohiuddin, M., Banna, H., Akhtar, R., Alam, A. F., & Begum, H. (2017). Adaptation barriers and strategies towards climate change: Challenges in the agricultural sector. Journal of Cleaner Production, 156: 698-706.
SSCI IF: 5.715.
5. Belkhodja, O., Mohiuddin, M. & Karuranga, E. (2017). The Determinants of FDI Location Choice in China: A Discrete-Choice Analysis, Applied Economics, 49 (13): 1241-1254 [ABDC: A; SSCI IF: 0.58].
6. Mohiuddin, M., Parvin, S. S., Sultana, M. A., & Karuranga, E. (2016). Media Coverage of Global Financial Crisis and Formation of Societal Perceptions and Behaviors: A Qualitative Content Analysis Perspective. Revue de philosophie economique, 17(2): 125-146.[CNRS (France) ranking: B].
7. Wu, J. J., Lien, C. H., Mohiuddin, M., Chien, S. H., & Yang, X. J. (2016). The effects of smartphone users core self-evaluations and stickiness on intentions to download free social media apps. Journal of Decision Systems, 25(3):263-272. [ABDC: B; EI).
8. Kimiagari, S., Keivanpour, S., Al-Azad, M.S. & Mohiuddin, M. (2015). International Strategic Alliances (ISA) and Knowledge Transfer in Up-Stream Oil and Gas Sector: Application of a Fuzzy Delphi Method, Contemporary Management Research, 11(4): 409-428. [ABDC ranking: B].
9. Fahinde, C., Abodohoui, A., Mohiuddin, M., & Su, Z. (2015). External financial inflows and domestic investment in the economies of WAEMU: Crowding-out versus crowding-in effects. The Journal of Developing Areas, 49(3): 229-248. [ABDC ranking: B].
10. Al-Mamun, A., Mohiuddin, M. & Mariapun, S. (2014). Investigating the Effect of Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia???s microcredit program on Employment in Rural Malaysia. Journal of Southeast Asian Economies, 31(1): 471-483.
11. Mohiuddin, M. & Su, Z. (2014). Global Value Chain and Competitiveness of Canadian Manufacturing SMEs. Academy of Taiwan Business Management Review, 10 (2): 82-92. [ABDC: B].
12. Mohiuddin, M. & Su, Z. (2013). Offshore Outsourcing of Core and Non-Core Activities and Integrated Firm-Level Performance: An Empirical Analysis on Quebec Manufacturing SMEs. M@n@gement, 16 (4): 454-478. [FNEGE (France) ranking: A].
13. Mohiuddin, M. & Su, Zhan. (2013). Manufacturing Small and Medium Size Enterprises Offshore Outsourcing and Competitive Advantage: An Exploratory Study on Canadian Offshoring Manufacturing SMEs, Journal of Applied Business Research, 29(4):1111-1130 [ABDC ranking: C].
14. Jabeur, F., Mohiuddin, M. & Karuranga, E. (2013). Timeline of Initial Perceptions and Adoption of E-Business among the Quebec Forestry Sector SMEs. Communications of the IIMA, 13 (3): 1-20. [ABDC ranking: B].
15. Sultana, M.A., Rashid, M.M., Mohiuddin, M., & Mazumder, M.N.H. (2013). Cross-cultural Management and Organizational Performance: A Content Analysis Perspective. International Journal of Business and Management, 8(8):113-146. [ABDC ranking: C].

Employment History

1.Associate professor of International Business, School of Business and Economics, Thompson Rivers University, (2019- ).

2. Assistant professor of International Business, School of Business and Economics, Thompson Rivers University, (2014-2019).
3. Sessional lecturer at Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Laval University, Quebec, Canada, (2009-2013).
4. Industry experiences from 2001 to 2006.

Courses Taught

1. At Thompson Rivers University:
IBUS 4570- Global Management
IBUS 4510- Cross-cultural management
IBUS 3510- International Business
BUSN 6030- International Business
BUSN 6031- International Business
BUSN 6081-Strategic Management
BUSN 5050-Marketing Management

2. At Faculty of administrative sciences, Laval University, Quebec, Canada.

MNG 6002: International Management, MBA/MSc Course.
GIE 3102: Doing Business in Asian Markets, BBA Course.
MNG 2101: Principles of International Management, BBA Course.

3. Taught partially at Laval university:

GIE 7000: Internationalization of Firms, MSc/PhD Course (2012/2013).
GIE 6084: Strategy of Multinational Firms, MBA/MSc Course (2008-2013).
RLI 7013: Seminar on Asia, MSc/PhD Course (2010-2013).
GIE 6086: Int. Human Resource Management (IHRM), MBA/MSc Course (2012).
MNG 2100: Fundamentals of International Management, BBA Course (2009-2012).
MNGT: Doing Business in Canada, Summer Business School at Laval University (2012).

4. At Tianjin University of Technology

MNGT 4780-Strategic Management Issues,
MNGT 3710: Business Ethics and Society and,
BUSN 3990: Comparative Management Practices

5. Short course taught as visiting professor

Doing business in emerging countries, Osnabruk University of Applied Sciences, Germany, November, 2015.
Strategic Management of Offshore Outsourcing, Universite Paris 12, Creteil, Paris, France, April, 2016 & 2017.

Professional Affiliations

Administrative Science Association of Canada (ASAC)
Academy of International Business (AIB).
Strategic Management Society (SMS).
Academy of Management (AOM).
Instituts CEDIMES, France.
Associate Editor, Transnational Corporation Review, [A Tylor & Francis publication].
Director, Content Development, the Canadian Strategist Business Magazine (CBSA).


Description Day Start End
IBUS 4540 Global Entrepreneurship Monday 1:00 PM 2:20 PM
IBUS 3510 International Businsess Monday 4:00 PM 5:20 PM
BUSN International Businsess Tuesday 8:30 AM 11:20 AM
IBUS 4540 Global Entrepreneurship Wednesday 1:00 PM 2:20 PM
IBUS 3510 International Businsess Wednesday 4:00 PM 5:00 PM