Mila Kwiatkowska

Mila Kwiatkowska

Mila Kwiatkowska

Name: Dr. Mila Kwiatkowska
Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: 250-371-5592


Medical decision support systems
Database systems and data mining
Biomedical informatics

Research Interests

Knowledge representation and management
Soft computing methods: fuzzy logic approach to medical Data representation and processing
Knowledge-based induction of clinical prediction rules
Biosignal processing in sleep studies (pulse oximetry, actigraphy)
Semiotic approach to data, information, and knowledge
Data visualization


Ph.D. Computing Science, Simon Fraser University, 2006
M.Sc. Computing Science, University of Alberta, 1991
M.A. (Interdisciplinary Studies) Polish Philology and Informatics, University of Wroclaw, Poland, 1979


Kwiatkowska, M., Kielan, K., Ayas, N. T. & Ryan, C. F. (2010 under revision). Typicality Measure and the Creation of Predictive Models in Biomedicine. In S. Dua & R. U. Acharya (Eds.), Data Mining in Biomedical Imaging, Signaling, and Systems, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, to be published in January 2011.

Kwiatkowska, M. & McMillan, L. (2010 in press) A Semiotic Approach to Data in Medical Decision Making. Proceedings of 2010 IFSA World Congress, July 18-23, Barcelona, Spain.

Bowyer, M., Jones, K. & Kwiatkowska, M. (2010 in press) The Application of Quantum Tunneling Compound to Sleep Actigraphy. Proceedings of the 5th Canadian Student Conference on Biomedical Computing and Engineering, May 20-22, Waterloo, Canada.

Kwiatkowska, M., Atkins M.S., Matthews, L., Ayas, N.T., & Ryan C.F. (2009). Knowledge-Based Induction of Clinical Prediction Rules. In P. Berka, J. Rauch & D. A. Zighed (Eds.), Data Mining and Medical Knowledge Management: Cases and Applications (pp. 350-375). IGI Global Inc.

Kwiatkowska, M., Riben, P. & Kielan, K. (2009). Interpretation of Imprecision in Medical Data. In Z. Ras & A. Dardzinska (Eds.), Studies in Computational Intelligence: Advances in Data Management, Vol. 223, (pp. 351-369), Berlin: Springer-Verlag.

Kwiatkowska, M., Kielan, K. A. & Michalik, K. (2009). A Fuzzy-Semiotic Framework for Modeling Imprecision in the Assessment of Depression. Proceedings of 2009 IFSA World Congress, pp. 1717-1722, June 20-24, Lisbon, Portugal.

Kwiatkowska, M. , Michalik, K. & Maghaddam, B. A. (2009). The Role of Knowledge Management and Telehealth in Patient Self-Management of Chronic Disorders: An Ontological Approach. In J. Goluchowski & A. Fraczkiewicz-Wronka (Eds.), Knowledge Technologies in Public Management, Katowice: WAE.

Kwiatkowska, M., Idzikowski, A. & Matthews, L. (2009). Telehealth-Based Framework for Supporting the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. In J.D. McDaniel (Ed.), Advances in Information Technology and Communication in Health (pp. 478-483), Amsterdam: IOS Press.

Kwiatkowska, M. & Michalik, K. (2008). Evaluation of Efficacy of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Treatment using Telehealth and Fuzzy-Logic Based Approach. In J. Goluchowski & A. Fraczkiewicz-Wronka (Eds.), Knowledge Technologies in Public Management, (pp.351-359), Katowice: WAE.

Kwiatkowska, M., Atkins M.S., Ayas, N.T. & Ryan C.F. (2007). Knowledge-Based Data Analysis: First Steps towards the Creation of Clinical Prediction Rules using a New Typicality Measure, in IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, 11(6), 651-660.

Employment History

Thompson Rivers University, (joined faculty 1998)
Assistant Professor, Computing Science Department

1990-1998, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Canada, Instructor, Computer Systems Technology.

Summer 1993, University of Alberta, Faculty of Business, Canada, Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting and MIS.

1988-1989, University of Alberta,
Teaching Assistant, Computing Science Department.

1980-1983, University of Wroclaw, Poland,
Lecturer, Institute of Polish Philology

Summer 1977, University of Wroclaw, Poland
Research Assistant, Frequency Dictionary of Polish Language

1987-1988, DKW Systems Inc., Edmonton, Canada
Systems Analyst/Programmer, Alberta Energy

1987, SHL Systemhouse Inc., Edmonton, Canada
Computer Analyst, Alberta Energy and Natural Resources.

1984-1986, DDC Consulting Company, Edmonton, Canada
Computer Consultant, Alberta Energy and Natural Resources

Summer 1983, Institute for Computational Methods, Jelenia Gora, Poland

Courses Taught

Introduction to Biomedical Informatics, COMP 498 (2010)
Database Systems, COMP 361 (1998 2010)
Advanced Database Systems, COMP 461 (1999 2008, 2010)
Web-Based Information Systems, COMP 462 (2000 2009)
Distributed Databases and Distributed Data on the Web, COMP 463 (2001)
Software Engineering: Project II, COMP 492 (2003)
E-Commerce Systems, COMP 262 (2002, 2006)
Systems Analysis and Design I, COMP 257 (1999, 2000)
Systems Analysis and Design II, COMP 267 (2000)
Introduction to Information Technology, COMP 100 (1998, 2002, 2008)
Introduction to Computing, COMP 170 (1998, 1999, 2002)
Introduction to Computers and Business Information Systems, COMP 191 (2000)

Professional Affiliations