Laura Lamb

Laura Lamb

Laura Lamb

Name: Dr. Laura Lamb
Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 250-852-6277


Reading, traveling, hiking, cooking, gardening, wine.

Research Interests

non-profits, community economic development, policy economics, environmental economics, aboriginal economic issues, behavioural economics, personal finance


M.A (Economics), Ph.D.(Economics) University of Manitoba


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Employment History

Laura came to the Department of Economics in 2006. She has taught economics at the University of Manitoba and University of Winnipeg. She was a researcher for the Manitoba Research Alliance on Community Economic Development in the New Economy (2003-2006). She was a policy researcher for the Strategic Policy Branch of Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada (2000- 2003).

Courses Taught

She teaches such courses as local economic development, macroeconomic and microeconomic theory at the undergraduate level, and sustainable community economic development and environmental policy at the graduate level.