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Lauchlan Fraser

Lauchlan Fraser

Lauchlan Fraser

Name: Dr. Lauchlan Fraser
Position: Professor and Tier II CRC
Affiliation: Biological Sciences
Phone: 377-6135


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Climbing (at least in my mind)
Playing guitar

Research Interests

Plant ecology
Plant-trait environment linkages
Plant diversity and competition
Food web theory
Restoration and conservation
Climate Change
Soil carbon sequestration
cattle effects on depressional wetlands


B.Sc. (UBC)
M.Sc. (UBC)
Ph.D. (U of Sheffield).


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Patrick, L.B., Fraser, L.H. and Kershner, M.W. 2008. ???Brown??? world invertebrates contradict ???green??? world biodiversity theory. Research Letters in Ecology vol. 2008, Article ID 694638, 4 pages, 2008. doi:10.1155/2008/694638.

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Landis, F.C. and Fraser, L.H. 2008. A new model of carbon and phosphorus transfers in arbuscular mycorrhizae. New Phytologist 177(2): 466-479.

Employment History

2009- present Professor and Canada Research Chair in Community and Ecosystem Ecology, Thompson Rivers University.
2004-2009 Associate Professor and CRC, Thompson Rivers University.

2004 Associate Professor, University of Akron, Department of Biology.

1999-2004 Assistant Professor, University of Akron, Department of Biology.

1998-1999 Lecturer, Carleton University, Department of Biology.

1996-1999 Post-Doctoral Research Associate, University of Ottawa.

Courses Taught

Graduate Courses Taught:
Research Methods, Preparation, and Presentation
Advanced Topics in Evolution and Ecology

Undergraduate Courses Taught:
Research Design, Analysis, and Reporting

Professional Affiliations

Research Associate, UBC Botany

Associate Editor Applied Vegetation Science

Associate Editor Plant Ecology