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Lisa Cooke

Lisa Cooke

Lisa Cooke

Name: Dr. Lisa Cooke
Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: 250 828 7290

Research Interests

My research and teaching interests revolve around Indigenous-Settler relations, contemporary colonial cultural forms, and the anthropology of space and place. I approach the investigation of Indigenous-Settler relations ethnographically through those moments where complexes of cultural values, and historical and contemporary power relations come together to make themselves visible. Scanning contemporary political and cultural landscapes for those moments where Indigenous-Settler relations play out, our gaze is most often directed towards issues of land, territoriality, and place. Tensions often run high on these terrains, understood, valued, and experienced differently. As a result I am interested in how places are produced, maintained, contested and shifting while often being taken for granted as fixed givens.


PhD, Social Anthropology, York University (2009)
MA, Anthropology, University of Manitoba (2004)
BA, Anthropology and Sociology, University of British Columbia (2000).


Cooke, L. 2013. "North Takes Place in Canada's Yukon Territory." In, Northscapes: History, Technology, and the Making of Northern Environments, co-edited by Dolly Jorgensen and Sverker Sorlin. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press. pp. 223-246.

Baldwin, L., T. Block, L. Cooke, I. Crawford, K. Naqvi, G. Ratsoy, E. Templeman, and T. Waldichuk. 2013. Affective Teaching: The Place of Place in Interdisciplinary Teaching. Transformative Dialogues.

Cooke, L. 2013. Slowing Things Down: Slow Tourism and the Ethics of Slowness, a review of Slow Tourism: Experiences and Mobilities (Bristol, Buffalo, and Toronto: Channel View Publications, 2012), Fullagar, S., K. Markwell, and E. Wilson (eds). Transfers: Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies. 3(2): 136-157.

Cooke, L. 2012. Review of Nature and Tourists in the Last Frontier: Local Encounters with Global Tourism in Coastal Alaska by Lee Cerveny. Northern Review 35: 195-199.

Courses Taught

ANTH 1210 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 2140 Canadian Native Peoples
ANTH 2600 Minorities in the Modern World
ANTH 2250 Sex, Gender, and Culture
ANTH 3000 Current Issues in Cultural Anthropology "The Anthropology of Space and Place"
ANTH 3000 Current Issues in Cultural Anthropology "The Anthropology of Tourism and Travel"
ANTH 3280 Indigenous Peoples in Comparative Perspective
ANTH 3270 First Nations and Natural Resource Management
ANTH 3390 Special Topics in Anthropology "Indigenous Peoples and the City"
ANTH 4040 Peoples and Cultures of the North American Arctic
ANTH 4050 Canadian Status / Treaty Reserve Communities
ANTH 4330 Directed Studies
SERV 4000 Service Learning