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Karen Hofmann

Name: Ms. Karen Hofmann
Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 377-6016


Homepage URL:


Creative Writing, Walking, Visual Arts, Literature

Research Interests

Creative Writing; Contemporary Canadian Literature


B.A; M.A, English: University of Victoria



What is Going to Happen Next. NeWest Press, 2017. (Upcoming)
After Alice. Fiction. Edmonton: NeWest Press, 2014.
Water Strider. Poems. Calgary: Frontenac House, 2008.


???Flickers,??? ???Winter Beach,??? ???Bohemian Waxwings,??? ???Damselfly.??? Force Field: 77 Women Poets of British Columbia. Ed. Susan Musgrave. Salt Spring Island, Mother Tongue Publishing, 2013.

???Highway 97 North.??? In Rocksalt: An Anthology of Contemporary BC Poetry. Ed. Mona Fertig and Harold Rhenisch. Mother Tongue Publishing, 2008.


1. Short Fiction

???Flowers of the Dry Interior.??? Prairie Fire 2016. (Upcoming)
???Vagina Dentata.??? Room Online 39.2 (2016).
???Billeh and the Bee Man.??? Lake: A Journal of Arts and Environment. 8(2012): 74-81.
???The Burgess Shale.??? Canada Writes, CBC Website, 2012.
???The Canoe.??? Chapbook. Okanagan College/UBC Okanagan, 2007.
???That Ersatz Thing.??? Geist 14.56 (June 2005): 55-58.
???Echolocation.??? (Chatelaine, 1998).

2. Personal Narrative

???California.??? (Geist, 1996).


???Uses for a Mole.??? Arc Poetry Magazine (Summer 2012): 13
???Winter Beach.??? Prairie Fire 32.3 (Autumn 2011):86.
???Flickers.??? The Malahat Review 174 (Spring 2011): 63.
???Alter Ego.??? Reprinted in Geist 75 (Winter 2009):37.
???Long Beach???, ???Wren???s Nest???. The Fiddlehead 233 (Fall 2007): 88, 89.
???Damselfly???, ???Bohemian Waxwings???. The Malahat Review 159 (Summer 2007): 68-69.
???Child Leaves Nest???, ???Ancestral Lichens Speak???. Prairie Fire 28.1 (Spring 2007): 19-21.
???Matrilineal???, ???Theory???, ???Anthropology???. Room of One???s Own 29.4 (2006): 8-10.
???Alter Ego???, ???Great Falls, Montana???. Event 35.2 (Fall/Winter 2006): 38-39.
???Mantis???, ???Caddis-fly Larva???, ???Mayfly???, ???Water Strider???. Dandelion 32.1 (2006): 69-72.
???Exile.??? The Malahat Review 153 (Winter 2005): 83.
???Cock Pheasant.??? Arc Poetry Magazine (Winter 2005): 12.
???Where it Falls.??? Event 33.3 (2005): 50.
???Cherries???, ???Aversions of Childhood???. Prairie Fire 26.3 (Autumn 2005): 94-96.
???Sugar Mountain???, ???Bulletins???, ???If You Were to Hear???. The Fiddlehead 220 (Summer 2004): 99-101.
???The Patriarchs???, ???20 Things to Do With Your Brain???, ???Swallowing the Sea???. Room of One???s Own 27-4 (2004): 65-68.
???Departure Bay.??? Event 32.2 (2003):20.
???Descent.??? Event 31.3 (2002/2003): 51.


2015 Honorable Mention, Room Magazine Short Fiction Contest, for ???Vagina Dentata???
2012 Longlisted, Best Canadian Poetry in English: 2012. Ed. Carmine Starnino and Molly Peacock.
2012 Editor???s Choice, Arc Poem of the Year Contest, for ???Uses for a Mole.???
2012 Shortlisted, CBC Short Fiction Contest, for ???The Burgess Shale.???
2012 First Place, Okanagan Short Fiction Contest, for ???Billeh and the Bee Man.???
2009 Shortlisted, Dorothy Livesay prize (BC Book Prize for best book of poetry) for Water Strider. (Top five poetry books in BC in 2008.)
2009 Longlisted, Relit Poetry Awards, for Water Strider.
2008 Longlisted, Best Canadian Poetry in English: 2008. Ed. Stephanie
Bolster & Molly Peacock, for ???Long Beach.??? (Top 100 poems in Canada, 2008.)

2008 Shortlisted, Okanagan Short Fiction Contest, for ???Clearwater.???

2007 First Place, Okanagan Short Fiction Contest, for ???The Canoe.???

2005 Co-winner, Geist Magazine Short Fiction Contest, for ???That Ersatz Thing???
2005 Third Place, Arc Poetry Magazine Poem of the Year Contest, for ???Cock Pheasant???

Employment History

University College of the Cariboo/Thompson Rivers University: since 1990.

Courses Taught

Creative Writing (ENGL 2060; 2080; 3330; 3340; 3360; 3370; 3380); Intro to University Writing; Intro to Prose Fiction; Intro to Poetry; Canadian Literature; Women in Literature.

Professional Affiliations

League of Canadian Poets