Kelvin J. (Kelly) Booth

Kelvin J. (Kelly) Booth

Kelvin J. (Kelly) Booth

Name: Dr. Kelvin J. (Kelly) Booth
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 250-828-5206


Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Evolution
Philosophies of Nature
History of Philosophy (focus in Ancient Greece)
Classical American Philosophy
Environmental Ethics
Asian Philosophy
Philosophy and Community

Research Interests

I presently have two primary research interests. One is applying ideas of embodied mind and embodied cognition to problems of animal mind and cognitive evolution. The other is articulating aspects of a philosophy of nature that is able to encompass the broadest concerns of human meaning and value. In these and other efforts I draw on my background in classical American philosophy, Ancient philosophy, cognitive science, phenomenology, and Asian thought. I have also been active in citizen environmental planning, bioregional organizing, and the arts and culture of place.


B.A. Simon Fraser University
M.A. Southern Illinois University
Ph.D. Southern Illinois University

Hocking-Cabot Fellowship in Systematic Philosophy, 2010
Resident Research Fellow, Naturalism Research Project, Center for Inquiry, Amherst NY, 2008
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, 2002



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Employment History

Lecturer, Thompson Rivers University 2008-present
Instructor, Southern Illinois University, 2005-07

Courses Taught

Thompson Rivers University:
PHIL 1110 Introduction to Critical Thinking
PHIL 1020 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 2100 Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 2310 Health Care Ethics
PHIL 3490 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 3900 American Pragmatism
PHIL 4910 Asian Philosophy

Southern Illinois University
PHIL 102 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 103 World Humanities (Egyptian and Babylonian mythology, Ancient Hebrews, Classical Greece, the Upanishads, Early
PHIL 304 Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 375 Ecology and Ethics

Professional Affiliations

Member, Canadian Philosophical Association
Member, Ancient Philosophy Society
Member, Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy
Member, Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy
Member, Charles S. Peirce Society
Member, Josiah Royce Society
Member, International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology