Florriann Fehr, M.N., Ph.D.

Florriann Fehr, M.N., Ph.D.

Florriann Fehr, M.N., Ph.D.

Name: Dr. Florriann Fehr, M.N., Ph.D.
Position: Tenured Assistant Professor
Affiliation: School of Nursing
Phone: 250-377-6019
Email: ffehr@tru.ca


Florriann teaches primarily in the areas of child growth and development and maternity health. She has clinical experience in maternity health, child health, womens health, family health, outpost nursing, street nursing, and child sexual abuse. Her research interests focus on womens health and family friendly learning environments. As well as, family experiences with pediatric cannabis-related interventions with autism spectrum disorder.

Florriann is the faculty liaison for the annual World Kidney Day health fair (10 years running) in collaboration with the local Kidney Foundation Chapter of BC and the Yukon; this event includes over 15 non-profit community vendors, all levels of BScN clinical groups, and offers free kidney function screening through blood pressure and blood glucose screening. This years WKD 2017 event included over 450 local participants!

Research Interests

Florriann has conducted phenomenological research on students that are parents of dependents in nursing schools across British Columbia within a PhD disseration. The objective of the study was to investigate their lived experience of balancing family responsibilities with academic responsibilities.

Florriann and research partner Michelle Seibel (SON) have studied and continue to do so- the use of Cognitive Rehearsal Training (CRT) as a method to teach anti-bullying interventions to nursing students in order to advance conflict resolution skills and confidence while in academia and then in practice.

Funding last three years (2014-2017):

Fehr, F. & Seibel, M. (2014). TRU Internal Research Grant ($5000.00). Supervisor for Research Assistant, Bonneville, D. (completed)

Fehr, F. & Seibel, M. (2016). WorkSafeBC Grant ($27,000.00). Supervisor for two Research Assistants, Hewitt, A. & White, K.

Research/Thesis Supervisor:

Funding Supervisor for Research Assistant Perry, A. (2015). CIHR: Health Professional Student Research Awards (HPSRA) ($2125.50).

Thesis Supervisor for Kierans, K. (2017). BIS Undergraduate Program. Thesis Title: "Common Themes in the Vegan YouTube Movement: Community, Health, Ethics, Regret and Education." Copy of Thesis in TRU Electronic Library.

Current Thesis Supervisor for two MN students (2017/2018)


Florriann has a R.N. degree at Cariboo College (1992), a B.Sc.N. at University of Victoria (at the University College of the Cariboo)(1994),a M.N. at the University of Calgary (1996), and a PhD in Higher Education and Administration at the University of Phoenix (2013).


Last 4 years Scholarly Presentations (2014-2018).

Fehr, F. (2014). Invited keynote: Canadian Nursing Student's Association (CNSA), Kamloops. Title: "Let's be 'Fehr' to ourselves! Surviving and thriving through nursing school and beyond!"

Fehr, F. (2014). Panel Presenter: TRU Public Open Forum on Ebola. Media Report:

Fehr, F., Clark, P., Funk, M. (2014). Presentation: Centre for Student Engagement and Learning Innovation Engagement Series. Title: "Experiential learning, inside and outside the classroom."

Fehr, F. (2014). Peer Reviewed Presenter and Poster Presentation: WNRCASN (Winnipeg). Title: "How Nursing Faculty can Support Students Raising Children while in Nursing School."

Fehr, F. (co-author, McKenzie, W.)(2015). Peer Reviewed. Presentation: Hawaii International Conference on Education (HICE): The 13th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education. Title: "International Student Access to Health Care: Are We Missing the Key?"

Fehr, F., Funk, M., & Clark, P. (2015). Presentation: 11th Annual Teaching Practice Colloquium, Kamloops, BC. Title: "A Cross-Cultural and Cross-Disciplinary Assignment."

Fehr, F., (co-authors Funk, M. & Clark, P.) (2015). Peer Reviewed. Presentation: WNRCASN 2015 Conference. Nursing Education and Health Care Reform Strategies for Action. College of the Rockies, Cranbrook, BC. Title: "The Meeting of Two Disciplines: Students Exploring the Business of Cultural Awareness through Relational Practice".

Fehr, F., (co-author Seibel, M.) (2015). Peer Reviewed. Presentation: WNRCASN 2015 Conference. College of the Rockies, Cranbrook, BC. Title:"Cognitive Rehearsal Training (CRT) as an Anti-Bullying Intervention for Nursing Students".

Fehr, F., & Seibel, M. (2015). Peer Reviewed. Co-presentation: The 2015 International Conference on Health Promoting Universities and Colleges/VII International Congress. UBC, Kelowna, BC. Title: "Anti-Bullying Intervention for Nursing Students: Up-Skilling Students Through the Use of Cognitive Rehearsal Training (CRT)".

Fehr, F., & Clark, P. (co-author, Funk, M.) (2016). Peer Reviewed. Co-presentation: Centre for Research on International Education Conference. SFU, BC. Title: "Interdisciplinary Cross-Cultural Literacy: An Activity to Increase Cultural and Health Care Industry Awareness Between Business Students and Nursing Students."

Fehr, F., & Seibel, M. (2016). Peer Reviewed. Co-presentation: Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing National 2016 Education Conference. Toronto, Ontario. Title: "Using Cognitive Rehearsal Training (CRT) to Upskill Undergraduate Nursing Students to Manage Bullying Situations Successfully."

Seibel, M. & Fehr, F. (2017). Peer Reviewed. Co-presentation: WNRCASN. Victoria, BC. Title: "They Can Crush You: The Student Experience of Bullying and the Role of Faculty."

Fehr, F. (co-author Funk, M.) (2017) Peer Reviewed. International Presentation. Learning at Intercultural Intersections. TRU, Kamloops, BC. Title: "The Role of Cultural Humility in Intercultural Representations."

Fehr, F. & Funk, M. (2017) Peer Reviewed. International Co-presentation. LII 2017. TRU, Kamloops, BC. Title: "Once Upon a Time: Encouraging Cultural Reflection Through Storytelling."

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Fehr, F. & Seibel, M. (2016). Cognitive Rehearsal Training for Up-skilling Undergraduate Nursing Students Against Bullying: A Qualitative Pilot Study. Quality Advancement in Nursing Education.

Seibel, L. Michelle, & Fehr, Florriann Carissa (2018). They Can Crush You: Nursing Students Experiences of Bullying and the Role of Faculty. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice.

Employment History

Florriann is an alumni member of the R.N. diploma Cariboo College program from 1992 and started to teach at TRU in 1997, became a fulltime faculty member in 2002, and granted tenure in 2009. Florriann held a casual general nursing position at Royal Inland Hospital from 1992-2014. Florriann has 15 years of fulltime service at TRU, was promoted to Senior Lecture starting July 1, 2012 and moved to Assistant Professor in 2014. Florriann has full supervisor status for the MN program (thesis, project, major paper)and is the International Student Advisor, as well as designer for the NRUS6500 Masters Internship course.

Past nursing positions include the role of street nurse with the EXIT Program (1994-1996) in Calgary, AB and the role of outpost nurse with the Inuvik Regional Health Board and Dogrib Community Health Board (1997-2000) in Norman Wells and Rae Edzo, NWT. Florriann has also held teacher assistant positions at the University of Calgary and Mount Royal College in Alberta for nursing schools.

Courses Taught

Pathophysiology (259/269/359), Relational Practice (NURS2170), Child and Maternity Clinical (NURS2740/2840), Child Health Clinical (NURS318 and NURS318S), Consolidated Practice (III), NURS 421, and Child Growth and Development (NURS1830).

Professional Affiliations

Board Member, Executive Secretary, Kamloops Infant Development Program (2002-2015)

Senior Shop Steward, TRU Faculty Association (2011-2013)

Senator, Thompson Rivers University Senate (2008-2014)

Member, College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (1992-present)

Member, British Columbia Nurses Union (since 1992-2014)

Faculty Liaison with Kamloops Kidney Foundation Chapter (2006-present)