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Dawn Farough

Dawn Farough

Dawn Farough

Name: Dr. Dawn Farough
Position: Department Chair
Phone: (250)828-5496


Social Inequality (in particular, the intersection of gender, race, class, and sexuality)
Qualitative Methods (in particular, ethnography)
Survey Design and Analysis
Women and Globalization
Feminist Theory

Research Interests

Collaborative and Community-Based Research
Ethnographic Research and Theatre


B.A., University of Winnipeg
M.A., University of Manitoba
Ph.D., University of British Columbia


Recent Work:

Farough, Dawn. "The Messy Business of Art, Research, and Collaboration: Audience Engagement in Home/Less/Mess." Journal of Contemporary Drama in English, vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 320-338.

Farough, Dawn. "No Straight Lines: Using Creativity as a Method to Fight Homelessness." Submitted to The University of Calgary Press. Presently under peer review.

Besanger, Kendra, Tina Block, Lisa Cooke, Dawn Farough, Terry Kading, Ginny Ratsoy, Robin Reid, and Chris Walmsley. Collaborative Initiatives and Community-Based Research. Explorations and Critical Insights on Leadership and Learning in the Small City. Submitted to the University of Calgary Press. Presently under peer review.

Employment History

Assistant Professor, Thompson Rivers University, 1995-present.
Visiting Professor, University of Bonn, Germany, 1999-2000.
Part-Time Lecturer, The University of British Columbia, 1993, 1995.
Part-Time Lecturer, Simon Fraser University, 1994.

Courses Taught

Soci 1110: Introduction to Sociology 1
Soci 1210: Introduction to Sociology 2
Soci 2130: Women in Global Perspective
Soci 3120: Gender Relations
Soci 3210: Feminist Theory
Soci 3610: Social Inequality
Soci 4130: Family and Kinship
Soci 4810: Directed Studies in Sociology
SL 3000: Service Learning

Fall 2017 Term
Soci 2130 Women in Global Perspective
Soci 3610 Social Inequality
Soci 3620 Special Topics: Critical Perspectives on Gender and Food

Winter 2018 Term
Soci 1210 Intro to Sociology 2
Soci 3620 Special Topics: Gender and Popular Culture

Professional Affiliations

The Canadian Sociological Association
The Canadian Association for Theatre Research