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Chris Montoya

Name: Dr. Chris Montoya
Position: Senior Lecturer
Phone: 250-392-8132


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Transdisciplinarity, Psychology and Primary Theories of Origin, Stem Cell Research, Psychological Impact of Biological Immortality, Motivational Theory & Activity Levels, Evolutionary Theory, Carbon Sequestration, Psychology and the Law, Ethics, Morality, and Science and Religion as Human Constructions.

Research Interests

Meta-theoretical Convergent Validity, Health and Aging, Neuronal Plasticity, Differentiation and Cloning, Non-local Transgenic Hybrid Superorganism Stem Cell applications, Phenotypic Expression, and Environmental Pressures, Electromagnetic Effects on Cortical and other Cell Function, Hyperbaric Environments, Climate and pyrolization processes.


B.Sc. Animal Behavior (Psychology), University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
M.Sc. (Electrophysiology) Psychology, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Ph.D. (Brain and Behavior) Psychology, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Post-Doctoral Placement, Department of Experimental Psychology: Stem Cell Research, Downing College University of Cambridge, England


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Employment History

University of Calgary Graduate Instructor (NSERC) 1981, 1982, 1987
University of Cambridge (England) Tutorial Lecturer (NSERC & LG) 1988-1990
University of Cambridge (England) Visiting Lecturer 1990
University of Cambridge (England) Visiting Research Fellow 1988-1990
University College of the Cariboo (Kamloops) Lecturer 1990- 2004
University of Northern British Columbia Lecturer 1993
College of New Caledonia (Quesnel) Lecturer 1995-1996
Athabasca University (Williams Lake) Graduate Instructor 2003-2004
Thompson Rivers University (TRU North Campus) Tenured
Assistant Professor Bipartite 2004-2013.
Thompson Rivers University (TRU North Campus) Tenured
Senior Lecturer (Associate Level) 2013-Present

Courses Taught

Methods in Animal Research and Learning
Introductory Psychology 111 & 121
Statistics for the Social Sciences 210
Motivation and Emotion.
Experimental Psychology
Developmental Psychology 213 & 223
Experimental Design 211 & 221,
Early Childhood Education 151 & 161
Human Service Worker 159 & 169.
Personality Psychology 212
Personality Psychology 304 & 320
Abnormal Psychology 216
Social Psychology 222
Brain and Behavior 304
Memory Psychology 333 & 334
Psychology 750 (Graduate Studies AU)

Professional Affiliations

CDC Clinical Supervisor to the FASD Key Worker (2012-2014)
ICBC Therapist PTSD and Closed Head Injury (2012-2103)
CPS Psychometric Test Design and Analysis 1988-2014)
J of Traumatic Stress Reviewer (2013)
Cosby and Rawn, Methods in Behavioral Research, Book Reviewer (2012-2013)
OpenStax College, Open Textbook Reviewer (2013)
Neuroscience Letters, Peer Reviewer, (2009)