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Celia Armour

Celia Armour

Celia Armour

Name: Celia Armour
Position: Instructor
Phone: 828-5076


I believe that students learn better in a relaxed and unstressful environment, so my classes are informal and friendly. although still structured & purposeful. Above all, I want my students to feel inspired, contented and optimistic when they leave my classes. I teach them to be creative, imaginative & informative, & I encourage them to laugh as they learn. My classes are student-centred and fun, and the language and activities are targeted to useful, every day situations. We focus on games, interactive worksheets and conversations to keep the language alive and memorable, followed by short written assignments,which help the students to retain the language accurately. Like them, I come from a different cultural background, so I understand their problems, nervousness and new goals in Canada. The sharing and understanding of differeing cultures is the key to success and personal enrichment in my classes. I love my students and my job!

Research Interests

Creative writing (non-fiction)
Intercultural communication


B.A. (Hons.) French (Reading)
T.E.S.L. Cert. (V.C.C.)
E.S.L, M.Ed. (S.F.U.) E.S.L.

Employment History

I have been a Second Language Instructor at TRU since 1989. I am a teacher of both official Canadian languages, English and French. I have also lived and taught in several countries, and have travelled to many parts of the world to learn about new people and cultures.

Courses Taught

Here at TRU, I teach all levels of ESL, but my speciality is writing and reading courses, especially at the upper levels. I also teach grammar, speaking/listening & Canadian culture courses.