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Anne Terwiel

Anne Terwiel

Anne Terwiel

Name: Anne Terwiel
Position: Teaching Professor
Affiliation: Tourism Management
Phone: 371-5761

Research Interests

My research interests are varied, but converge where community (with its variety of definitions), the outdoor environment and health/wellness collide. As such, I have published in the areas of sport event management, volunteer management (motivation, recruitment, training, management, retention and legacy), snowsport safety, risk management, resort staff management and service management.


Simon Fraser University, MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Simon Fraser University, GDBA (Graduate Diploma in Business Administration)
Simon Fraser University, PDP (Teacher Education Program)
Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (Tourism Trainer)


Dickson, T, Waddington, G, Terwiel, A, Elkington, L (2018) The King-Devick test is not sensitive to self-reported history of concussion but is affected by English language skill. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport

Dickson, T, Waddington, G, Terwiel, A (2018) Snowsport experience, expertise, lower limb injury and somatosensory ability. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport

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Dickson, T, Terwiel, A (2011) Snowboarding Injuries in Australia: Investigating Risk Factors in Wrist Fractures to Enhance Injury Prevention Strategies. Wilderness & Environmental Medicine, 22(3)

Employment History

Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC 2003-present
Principal Lecturer, Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism, 2019-present
Chair, Tourism Management Department, 2014-2017

Harz University of Applied Sciences, Wernigerode, Germany
Visiting Professor, International Tourism Management Department, 2014-present
Member, Institute for Tourism Research, 2016-present

Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)
Guest Lecturer, Master of Tourism Management, 2017

Principal, Staff Development Company, BC

Partner, Lone Wolf Gallery, Sun Peaks, BC

Courses Taught

ADVG 1010 The Adventure Tourism Industry
TMGT 1040 Group Tour Operations
TMGT 1110 The Tourism Industry
TMGT 1140 Human Resource Management
TMGT 1150 Marketing and Customer Service
TMGT 1160 Organizational Leadership in Tourism
EVNT 2240 Sports Event Management
EVNT 2250 Sports Event Marketing
TMGT 4020 Graduating Seminar
TMGT 4030 Resort Management
TMGT 4050 Event Tourism
TMGT 4080 Reflecting Philosophically on Tourism
TMGT 4150 Managing Small Tourism Enterprises
TMGT 4160 Tourism in a Global Environment
TMGT 4220 Mountain Tourism
TMGT 4800 Tourism Enterprise Consulting Project

Professional Affiliations

International Society for Snowsport Safety (National Secretary)
Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (Level 4, Master Trainer)
Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (Certified Tourism Trainer, Emerit Evaluator)
Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA)
Canadian Ski Coaches Federation (Level 2 Coach)
National Coaching Certification Program (Level 2)
Canada West Ski Areas Association
Kamloops Sports Council
Wolfpack Leadership Council (TRU)
Destination British Columbia (Master Trainer, WorldHost Licencee)