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Alejandro Campos Garcia

Alejandro Campos Garcia

Alejandro Campos Garcia

Name: PhD Candidate Alejandro Campos Garcia
Position: Sessional instructor


Politics of anti-racism
Human Rights politics
Post Colonial Studies
Global studies
Sociology of Knowledge
Cultural Sociology
Community Based Research

Research Interests

My current research is on the cutting-edge of the sociology of inequality and social justice. I am engaged in a political, historical and epistemological analysis of the definition of racism and racial discrimination as public problems. Concretely, my research interrogates three social justice models: 19th century humanitarianism, 20th century citizenship rights, and late 20th to early 21st century human rights. In general, I am interested in how all three models have worked as discursive foundations to make racism and racial discrimination intelligible as public problems and as objects of remedies.

I have also had the opportunity to participate in and convene research and advocacy coalitions within the anti-racism community in Latin America. Over the past four years I have partnered with colleagues at the Afro-Latin American Research Institute at Harvard University and the University of Cartagena de Indias in Colombia. Together we organized two international symposiums on the Afrodescendant movement in the Americas; These gatherings have made a unique contribution by convening activists and movement leaders from across Latin America, scholars from prestigious North and South American institutions, representatives from influential funding agencies such as the Ford Foundation and the Inter American Bank of Development, and intergovernmental officials from the Organization of the American States and World Bank. These meetings have succeeded in sparking and sustaining an important conversation about the achievements, lessons and challenges associated with the implementation of the anti-racist human rights agenda in Latin America.


Doctorate of Philosophy (candidate) Sociology Department, York University, Toronto

2001 Master of Arts Sociology Department, Iberoamerican University (Mexico)

1997 Bachelor of Arts Sociology Department, University of Havana (Cuba)

1994 Diploma of Fine Arts, San Alejandro Fine Arts Academy (Cuba)



Identity Politics in the Time of Afrodescendency, Editorial Corregidor, Buenos Aires, Argentina: (co-edited with Silvia Valero). August 2015

The Politics of Human Rights and the Making of Afrodescendants: The Contribution of the Inter-American System, in Valero, Silvia and Campos-Garcia, Alejandro eds., Global Racial Politics in the Time of Afrodescendency, Editorial Corregidor, Buenos Aires, Argentina. August 2015.

The Cuban Anti-Racism Agenda and Policies, in Font, Mauricio A. ed., A Changing Cuba in a Changing World (New York, CUNY: 2008) pp 375-92.


Peer Reviewed

Racializacion, Racialismo y Racismo. Un Discernimiento Necesario (2012) 273 Universidad de la Habana 184-198 [Racialization, Racialism and Racism: A Necessary Distinction (2012) 25 Universidad de la Habana Journal 184-198.]

Book Reviews

That Infernal Little Cuban Republic: The United States and the Cuban Revolution by Lars Schoultz (2011) 22:2 Estudios Interdisciplinarios de America Latina y el Caribe 143-9.

Transformaci??n organizacional by Paulo Roberto Motta, (2003) 12:1 Gesti??n y Pol??tica Publica 179-84.

Los laberintos de la imaginaci??n. Bifurcaciones y trampas de la complejidad by Velia Cecilia Bobes (2002) 20:58 Estudios Sociol??gicos 261-5.

Other Academic Writing

El Racismo y sus Metaforas (2011) 25 Espacio Laical (Centro Cultural Padre Felix Varela de la Arquidiocesis de La Habana) 87-90 [Racism and its Metaphors (2011) 25 in Espacio Laical (Centro Cultural Padre Felix Varela de la Arquidiocesis de La Habana) 87-90.]

Employment History

2014-2015 Thompson Rivers, Sessional Instructor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology.

2006-2013 York University, Teaching Assistant, Department of Sociology.

2001-2006 Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE) (Mexico City, Mexico), Assistant Editor Peer Reviewed Journal: Gestion y Politica Publica [Management and Public Policy]

2002-06 Division of Public Administration (MA Program)
Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE) (Mexico City, Mexico, Teaching Assistant

1999 Faculty of Arts and Humanities (BA Program)
University of Havana (Cuba)

Courses Taught

2014-present Department of Sociology and Anthropology (BA Program)Thompson Rivers University

Introduction to Sociology SOCI 1110
Introduction to Sociology SOCI 1210
Race and Ethnic Relations SOCI 2010
Deviance and Social Control SOCI 3680

Professional Affiliations

Latin American Studies Association
American Sociological Association